The growth of White Shark Media has been tremendous. Since its foundation in the year 2011, the world of digital marketing has felt the difference. The small and medium businesses have found in the company a platform for heightening their margins of profits via online marketing and also grow their revenue.


The clients of the enterprise are diverse. For such a company that keeps growing, feedback is always welcome since it helps the corporation in identifying what needs some improvement and that which they should keep up. The firm has achieved global heights as a result of complaints brought forward by consumers.


Most of the customers complain about the company’s procedure reporting. Most of them lose touch with AdWord Campaigns. It has been made easy to analyze reports. Many efforts have been made by the firm to ensure that the clients get a clear understanding of the ins and outs of the campaigns, and therefore perform their battles before optimization. Clients are therefore able to track their AdWord.


Some customers felt that communication between them and the corporate was not good enough. In line with improving this, the company calls for monthly meetings using an online conference tool called GoToMeeting. Also, installed are phone systems that allow clients to call their contacts personally.


Another issue raised by the customers was the performance of optimized campaigns. White Shark Media has had strategists to analyze current campaigns, so that professionals can be clear on areas that need optimization and those that need maintenance.



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