Tony Petrello is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of Nabor’s Industries as well as the company’s Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee. The oil and gas drilling company is based in Hamilton, Bermuda; however, it does geothermal and natural gas drilling all over the globe, including the Middle East and Africa.

Tony Petrello began with the company as the Chief Operating Officer after being recruited from the prestigious law firm Baker and McKenzie based in New York City. Tony was the firm’s Managing Partner while also being responsible for handling the firm’s international arbitration, taxation and general corporate law; making him the ideal candidate for transiting to the role of COO for Nabor’s Industries.

Throughout his leadership responsibilities for Nabors Industries, Tony still finds time to give back to the community in ways that speak to his incredible compassion towards great causes. Tony is very active as a Board of Trustee member for Texas Children’s Hospital, a renowned organization that has been a leader in the treatment for children’s neurological disorders.

Tony is also involved in many community awareness programs such as Aids research and assistance with the homeless. As a philanthropist, Tony personally supports many causes financially as well as attending numerous fund-raising events. In 2016, he helped the Texas Museum of Fine Arts raise $1.85 million for community outreach programs.

Since his timely appointment, Tony Petrello has become the oil and drilling industry top paid CEO. In fiscal year 2015, he was also the highest paid CEO throughout North America in all industries combined. Tony’s complete compensation package was $27.5 million which provided a net salary of $1.5 million after deducting $16.8 million in stock options, $1.3 million in ancillary compensation and $7.7 million which he earned as a bonus upon meeting shareholder deliverables.

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