Rocketship Education first opened 10 years ago in the basement of an old church in San Jose, California. Since this time, Rocketship has made incredible strides forward however they are always still working to become better. They are always learning on how to be better to their students needs as well as to the communities around them. They’ve learned various lessons since their opening 10 years ago, here are just a few of them:

  1. Their learning begins at home with personalized learning

Annual home visits are done yearly and has been essential in the learning process of each student. They also advocate for integration with technology but also understands that learning beyond technology is also important.

  1. In order for the system to change, you need to create more demands

Rocketship is aimed entirely on elementary education and even though the parents as well as funders and partners are constantly encouraging a K-12 education system, they remain focused on K-5. They believe that by expanding, they lose focus on engaging parents outside the classroom and this undermines what they are trying to accomplish.

  1. Culturally Responsive Schools are Not Made By Integrating Students- Teachers Are

In the recent months, there has been a lot of talk about segregation and charter schools, and of all the talk, most of it is off the mark. When parents make a choice on where to send their child to school and choosing a school that is not predominately one color over another is far different from the school being governed by the government. Rocketship includes all children no matter their race, religion or even their background.

Rocketship is the non-profit network for public school for kids from kindergarten through fifth grade. The school is primarily open to homes with low incomes and where access to great schools is limited. The belief they carry is that a true transformative school will work to do more than to just educate its students. The school will also work to empower teachers as well as to engage parents and to also inspire its communities.

Rocketship believes that in their lifetime, they hope to bridge the gap in achievements.


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