Thor Halvorssen Works Tirelessly To Help Free The Imprisoned And Oppressed

Thor Havorssen is an international human rights advocate. He began his career by negotiating the release of his own father from imprisonment in a Venezuelan prison. He founded the Human Rights Foundation that is based out of New York. Thor along with the Human Rights Foundations has worked hard to negotiate the release of several political prisoners around the world. Their goal is to help attain the freedom that others are denied. Not only is Thor a hands-on advocate, he is also a published author and a media consultant. He is sought for his opinion on a variety of pressing issues that are going on in the world today.

Annually, there is a Freedom Forum in Norway where people from all over the world attend for a week of festivities and conferences to help further the human rights movement. Thor Halovorssen is also the head of the Children’s Peace Movement that is based out of Prague. Thor takes a hands-on approach to combating human rights violations. He is on the ground in foreign countries to help free those who are imprisoned by tyrannical governments and dictators.

He regularly makes guest appearances on television shows as well as writing guest posts in national newspapers. When he is not lending his expert opinion he can be found working into the late hours of the night trying to help free those that require his services. Thor Halvorssen has made it his life’s work to be the voice for those that have had theirs taken away unjustly.

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Fabletics Uses Subscription-Based Model to Succeed in Cutthroat Fashion E-Commerce Market

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is succeeding in Fashion by growing its business using its membership model. In three years, the firm has grown and expanded to become a $250 million business. Amazon, an e-commerce giant, is currently controlling 20 percent of the global online fashion market. The simple premise used by Fabletics is that customers prefer brands that are full of inspiration. Therefore, mixing this with membership models and convenience shopping leads to a powerful combination, which is what Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is practicing.


Currently, things like customer experience, exclusive design, brand recognition, or last-mile service determine high-value brands as per the modern-day consumer. The previous high-value brand determinants were price and quality products. Today, these two determinants are no longer the only things consumers look for in a good brand; thus, they don’t guarantee success or provide a competitive edge anymore.


Comparing themselves with Warby Parker or Apple, Fabletics’ positioning and strategy have rewarded them with a huge subscription base and growing sales. As a result, they are planning to open more stores this year, adding to the sixteen presently operational in places like Illinois, California, Florida, and Hawaii.


Gregg Throgmartin, the GM of Fabletics, said that their membership model is the secret that allows them to offer trendy clothing and personalized service at lower prices compared to the market and their competition. He believes that when you know what people want and who they are, it becomes easier to make them happy.


Fabletics’ Physical Stores and Reverse Showrooming


Unlike others who are discouraged by Showrooming, Fabletics promotes reverse showrooming. As a result, they have changed the model to their advantage. From the start of their operations, Fabletics identified the limitations of showrooming, where people browsed stores only to shop elsewhere, and came up with reverse showrooming.


Fabletics’ current strategy helps them acquire and retain relationships, have better knowledge of the market, and be relied upon by consumers through social activities and events. Consequently, twenty-five percent of those individuals who walk through into their stores join the company’s subscription membership model, and another thirty to fifty percent of shoppers are already members.


Fabletics is not concerned with where the customer is shopping; they believe that retail is a different element of service. When customers buy and try articles of clothing, they are added to their online shopping cart.


Fabletics Review


Teri Hutcheon, a reviewer of Fabletics brand, says that when you join Fabletics, you need to survey the styles of outfits that suit you, after which, workout outfits like (tanks, capris, or shorts) are identified for you. She believes that the quality of Fabletics’ clothes is worth their price, which is better than she expected. Moreover, there are various impressive styles, which according to her, everyone could find their favorite style.


Hutcheon further believes that Fabletics is easy to use, and orders are easy to place through its easy-to-navigate website. She likes the subscription model offered by Fabletics because customers are sent curated articles of clothing on a monthly basis and charged at most $59. She also likes the occasional discounts offered by the brand.

Desiree Perez Helps Artists Get More Royalties

Tidal was a company that was doing music streaming, but this company was not very well known. It was not until Jay-Z decided to buy this company that people would see what Tidal was all about. The thing Jay-Z knew that he needed to do was change the outlook for this music streaming service. He knew that he could not keep everything the same because he had a different type of plan. He was interested in helping music artists get royalties on their music, and this allowed him to change the course of music streaming.  Check this on


Desiree Perez is the person that is helping Jay-Z transition to a much better music streaming service. She is grinding out the negotiations for contracts, and she is definitely one that sees a great vision for the Tidal company. This company is moving at a very fast pace, and it appears that more people are interested in premium music streaming. This is lossless audio that has better quality than some of the other free music streaming sites. Desiree Perez is definitely taking that into consideration when she negotiates contracts for artists. This type of premium service is what allows royalties to increase for artists that are providing the content. That has always been the problem with the music streaming industry because several of the popular sites are free. This reduces the money that the artists can get from the music that is streamed by fans.  More interesting news on

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It is going to be interesting to see how Desiree helps Jay-Z work with Sprint to continue building Tidal. There has already been a commitment to invest in this company, and Sprint has the ability to bring Tidal to even more customers. Desiree Perez is in place to help Jay-Z coordinate this relationship and build a bigger customer base.



All IT Job Seekers Should Heed Rona Borre’s Advice

Rona Borre runs an extremely successful staffing firm

If you were a recent technology graduate interested in developing your career, whom would you turn to for advice? Rona Borre, CEO of Instant Alliance, an IT talent management firm in Chicago, is a wealth of information, since as part of her job, she routinely talks to her client’s chief technology officers to discover what needs they have that are not being met. As an example, she mentions in a Blue Sky Innovation interview on YouTube that developers need excellent communication skills today because employers want to know ensure that developers understand the company’s objectives and can easily communicate with other employees outside of the IT department.  Source:


In a CIO article, Borre is asked about objective statements at the top of resumes. She says “This is your elevator pitch, the company is your customer and you’re selling yourself to the job, so make sure your opening statement is powerful and aimed right at the position.” Her advice, which is to customize your statement of intent for each employer, will help candidates stand out from other applicants.


In another CIO article, Borre has excellent advice for recent IT graduates who need to network, but find the process intimidating. She suggests that introverted individuals “Plan out and rehearse small talk, conversation starters, even questions you might be asked and your responses.”

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Considering Rona Borre runs an extremely successful staffing firm, where her talent lies in finding the best IT talent for her clients, her advice to job seekers is invaluable.

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Film Producer and Human Rights Advocate Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is a Venezuela-born film producer and human rights advocate. He was born on 09 March 1976. He has a great contribution for the advocacy of civil liberties, public policy, individual rights, democracy, and public interest. He founded Oslo Freedom Forum which is considered as good as Davos economic forum. He is the current President of Human Rights Foundation which is committed to global freedom and human rights. Thor is Patron of On Own Feet which is a children’s peace movement based in the Czech Republic. He also founded the Moving Picture Institute. In 2010, Thor bought Ny Tid which is leftist news magazine in the Norwegian Language.

Thor Halvorssen was deeply involved in the creation of Human Rights Foundation which was created in 2005. The headquarter of the Foundation is located in New York City. Thor Halvorssen advocated and lobbied for the release of Liu Xiaobo who was a political prisoner in China. He is also a great supporter of Rebiya Kadeer who is a Chinese Uyghur leader living in the USA. Halvorssen supports UN actions against China for the violations of the rights of Uyghur people. He often criticizes Ugandan president for his legislation against homosexuality. Halvorssen has also criticized Latin American leaders like Hugo Chavez and Augusto Pinochet for their assaults on human rights, individual rights, and democracy.

Nowadays, Thor Halvorssen is working on his new film which is the adaption of the famous novel The Moon is a Harsh Mistress authored by Robert A. Heinlein. He was also a co-producer of Freedom’s Fury that relates the 1956 uprising against the communist dictatorship in Hungary. He was the executive producer of award-winning documentary film Hammer & Tickle. It is a movie that showed how people were denied freedom of speech during the Soviet era. The Singing Revolution was another successful documentary movie by Halvorssen. He produced several other movies including The Sugar Babies based on human trafficking practice in the Dominican Republic.

Looking To Invest In Wine? Try UKV PLC

UKV PLC is a dedicated wine consultant team that works with clients to find the finest wines and champagnes, whether for personal use or for investment. Because they function as a small group of consultants, they have a wide variety of skills, from suggesting the best wines for an occasion to offering a brokerage service for those willing to sell investment grade wine.

UKV PLC carries a wide selection of wines, including all the best bordeaux, burguncy, champagnes, Italian wines and french wines. They have a wide selection of wine that covers every price range. As a client, you can get a bottle of wine at anywhere from $900 to $35,000.

If a client is interested in buying or investing in wine a consultant from UKV PLC will call them to give a more in depth look at what UKV has to offer. Quality of service is UKV PLCs main focus and they will meet you at their business or schedule a face to face meeting at your home, at the clients convenience.

UKV PLC combines old school class with modern tech savviness. They have a large social media outreach, with a facebook page, Twitter, and various ways to reach and maintain contact with clients.

The benefits of purchasing wine through UKV PLC is the hands on care that they give to every client. They treat each client with the respect they deserve. Most brokerages firms treat their clients like a second thought but not so with UKV. UKV PLC understands that they are here to work for you. They take your comfort and convenience very seriously.

Wine investment is currently one of the best ways to let your money make money for you and when it comes to wine investment, UKV PLC is the best bet. Let them show you that.

Hair Care Wen by Chaz Helps People Repair Hair Overtime

It has come to the attention of many women who suffer from hair loss that it is hard to reverse the effects of aging. What would you say if someone told you that there was a way for you to reverse those effects without purchasing a whole aisle of hair products? What if you were told that this same regimen of products is used by individuals in Hollywood? What you most likely didn’t know was, WEN is one of the most sought after products used by people when they are trying to make their hair healthier and fuller. Many women do not know about the added benefits to using the hair care products and most do not realize how beneficial it is to use the hair care items. Some don’t even know about the hair line products.

Hair by Wen is made possible through the trials of Chaz Dean, He spent his time focusing on a product that would allow him to replenish moisture in the hair of individuals who have dry, frizzy hair. Many years ago, Chaz was approached and asked if he could come up with a shampoo that would allow for others to replenish the lost moisture without adding a number of harsh chemicals to their routine. At first, Chaz approached the theory that people were just not using enough ingredients and soon realized that simply lathering your hair is not what made it clean. This is when he took a concoction of items and mixed them together to come up with the hair product now used by many. He begun washing hair with it and soon after, differences were noticed among those using the hair care products and those who were still simply washing their hair.

After a brief introduction to the ingredients, Chaz decided that he needed to come up with another product that will allow for frizz to be eliminated from a person’s hair. He decided that he would create cremes to be used in place where people suffer from high humidity and even high levels of exposure to UV ray’s. It has since become one of the best products offered to help someone repair their hair. The products are available online on the website and other sites such as Amazon and eBay.


A Look into  the 2017 WIT Conferences

Wessex Institute of technology is holding its 2017 conferences in a variety of locations. According to their website there will be a total of 21 topics ranging from Energy and Sustainability to Materials Characterization. The location of the conferences will rotate throughout several European countries including the United Kingdom, Spain, Estonia, Czech Republic, and Italy. Each of the locations has been strategically picked to match the research topic. Cadiz, Spain rests on a peninsula and hosts the Coastal Cities 2017. Rome, the home of one the most modern cities in antiquity, hosts Urban Transport 2017. New Forest, UK, the site of a national park, will host the Timber Structures 2017.  WIT Conferences will feature scientific literature from esteemed researchers worldwide. Inquiries about conference attendance should be directed to the official website linked.  Based on www.


Equities first Holdings Financial Lending Solution

Equities first Holdings is a loan provider company that renders financial solutions to high net worth people in need of non-purpose capital, businesses, and global financial services firms. The organization has been in operation for over a decade and had its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, and also has offices in nine countries including Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Perth and Sidney among others. Equities First Holdings primary aim is to provide financial services, allocation of capital and alternative finance solutions which enable their clients to meet their personal capital goals. The company’s president and founder Al Christy Jr is in charge of almost 50 employees working at EFH. The company has completed more than 1,000 transactions, which amount to more than 1 billion dollars.

EFH has become the next best option for borrowers who are in urgent need of capital but do not qualify for the credit-based loans. EFH have affected the use of stock-based loans since they offer a fixed interest rate and their loan to value ratio is equally high.This ensures that the borrower gets to enjoy the proceed of the loan even if the stock value goes down without many restrictions.

The margin loans differ from stock-based loans. In stock-based loans, the interest rates vary from between 3-4% and no restrictions are imposed on its use. On the other hand, a limitation exists in margin loans for the money borrowed where they have the loan to value ratios of 10-50%, and the money is allocated a particular use.In the case of a margin call, a collateral liquidation by the lender is made without prior notice.Borrowers are usually free to walk away where a decrease in stocks value occurs. EFH make sure that all their clients meet their financial goals and after the transactions mature all the stocks are returned.


John Goullet’s Impact on the IT World

Considered to be a very talented individual and one of the best in his field, John Goullet has been creating a name for himself in the business world for quite some time. Goullet is an entrepreneur who has been responsible for a a number of highly successful ventures in the IT world. He has spent more than a half decade working with the company Diversant helping them with their staffing needs. He has built a track record as an expert in the IT world and is respected by many.


Goullet began his career working as an IT consultant in the early 90’s. Goullet orignally worked as a Computer Consultant before beginning his own staffing company in 1994. His company had a primary focus on creating solutions for major Fortune 500 companies and their staffing issues. It took a short time for Goullet’s company to begin to take off. In just five years his company Info Technologies exploded to more than thirty million dollars and in the top ten on Inc. Magazine’s list of the 500 fastest-growing private firms. Just a few years later Info Technologies joined forces with Diversant, the name they are known as today. Currently Goullet serves as the Principal for that company.


John Goullet and his company have a customer first attitude. Diversant seeks to understand the climate of the companies hey work with as well as their specific staffing needs. Taking such action allows Diversant to matching the work styles with specific personalities. They use their skills to meet individual company needs.


There are other qualities that make Diversant stand out from other companies. Goulett’s company is a fully certified business that is a minority owned business This Goulett has built this company to be one of the biggest African-American IT staffing firms around. Goulett has built a diverse, client-centered company that has had huge impact on the business world. His work is continues to be admired by many.

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