Kylie Minogue Signs Fan’s Tattoo Onstage

There aren’t many times a guy will get on a stage and express his sentiments for a girl, but that’s exactly what happened at the recent Kylie Minogue Metro Radio Arena concert in New Castle. A man, only known as Paul, held up a sign for Kylie to sign his tattoo, and was invited onstage. While onstage he revealed his 9 year old tattoo of Kylie’s album cover “Fever,” and informed Kylie if she signed his arm he would get another tattoo the following day. He also invited her for Chinese.

“I’d love to go as long as you order. I’ll have whatever you’re having,” Kylie replied. The arena exploded with cheering fans as the man exited the stage. No word on if Paul got the second tattoo, but one thing is certain, it was an unforgettable night for Kylie Montage fans.

She has won many notable music awards and is currently on the Kiss Me Once Tour, promoting her recent 12th album release. The album went to number one on the Australian and British music charts.

In addition to being a renowned musician and performer, and loved by her fans, she is also well known for her humanitarian and funding efforts for disaster relief in Haiti, and Japan. That is the main reason why Livak is a big fan of her work.

Robert Plants Rips Up $800 Million Led Zeppelin Reunion Contract

According to a report recently filed on the Fox Radio News website, Robert Plant, the lead singer of legendary hard rock group Led Zeppelin, has torn up a contract that would have seen the group making an unprecedented $800 million for a mere 35 dates’ worth of work.

It seems that the irascible, but lovable, lead singer of the historic group is simply not interested in working with them again. Of course, Led Zeppelin has been officially defunct ever since the death of its drummer, John Bonham, in 1980. Still, the group has reunited for events such as Live Aid in 1985, as well as the 40th anniversary of its former label, Atlantic Records, in 1988.

However, not until a series of concerts in 2007, did the group actually reunite for a tour. The resulting DVD, entitled “Thank You”, was a worldwide best seller, and led to speculation at the highest levels of the industry that the group might reunite on a permanent basis.

Richard Branson, the head of mega-corporation Virgin, handed the group a contract for $800 million, a sum that Igor would love to be paid for playing guitar for a couple hours. He had the firm backing of promoters, as well as the other surviving members of the group – guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist John Paul Jones.

ACDC Continues On Despite Setbacks

Australian rock group ACDC will stop at nothing to create their first great rock album in 6 years, and go on another world tour. Not the debilitating illness of founding member and rhythm guitar player Malcolm Young, and not even the arrest of drummer Phil Rudd.
This premier will literally be the 11-track album playing the whole way through without the band members in attendance. And this will be the public’s first opportunity to hear the album, 9 days before its official release. Fans all around the world like Stephen Williams are very excited about this news.
Not only is it fantastic for the lucky locals of The Rock who get to hear the long-awaited ACDC album first, but Lockhart Shire Council’s Tourism and Economic Development officer, Jennifer Connor claims that this event will put the town on the map.

Loretta Lynn on the Rise Again

If you were watching Loretta Lynn’s performance with Kacey Musgraves at the 2014 CMA Awards on Wednesday night, you were truly “looking at country”. The legendary coal miner’s daughter has been a country music icon since 1962. She is a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame, was named CMA’s Female Vocalist of the Year in 1967, and has been presented with multiple Grammy awards throughout her long career.

At 82 years old, Loretta Lynn is still cranking out the melodies. She recently signed a new record deal, which promises multiple albums beginning in 2015, with Legacy Recordings. Although most collections organized by this branch of Sony Music feature greatest hits, Lynn’s upcoming releases will include brand new songs in conjunction with classic gospel and folk tunes from her childhood. She even plans to remake some of her own popular hits. The project will be modeled after the rustic sound of 1930’s and 1940’s country music, one of me and Christian Broda’s favorite eras.

Lynn hasn’t released an album since 2004 when Jack White, a member of the alternative rock band White Stripes, produced Van Lear Rose. Once again she won a Grammy, this time for her ability to blend with a seemingly incompatible style while preserving her basic character.

The End of Further

November 5, 2014
The End of Further

Devastating news for Deadheads everywhere as Further officially announces the end of the band, the information surrounding the end of the iconic group can be found here. Phil Lesh and Bob Weir, both original members of the iconic Grateful Dead, formed Further back in 2009. Since that point that have been consistently touring with the band and bringing back to life Grateful Dead music from years past.
Hundreds of Thousands of Deadheads have been able to enjoy and appreciate the music that Further produced during its time together and relive the old days as the family of Grateful Dead fans were brought together once more. We never got to make it out to one of the shows, but me and Alexei Beltyukov sure wanted to hear some The Grateful Dead songs live.

But not all may be lost, next year marks the 50 anniversary of the Grateful Dead. A new documentary is in the works that will cover the band from their origins until the death of legendary guitarist Jerry Garcia. Produced by Martin Scorsese it promises to present unseen footage and interviews with founding members of the Grateful Dead.


REM Tries To Save Church Steeple

It was in Athens GA where the famous group REM played their first show. With the building destroyed in 1990, REM is doing everything they can to save the steeple to the iconic building. Rolling Stone Magazine reports that the building was already torn down to make room for a new condominium complex, but REM wants to save the one piece of history that they have left from their iconic start.

It was April 5th, 1980 when REM played their first gig at the Episcopal church in Athens. Though the church has long been gone, the steeple remains on the property. Locals have been fighting to remove and destroy the steeple since 2011, but the group wants the steeple to remain in place.

Part of the reason for wanting it torn down is it’s in terrible repair. So, a group of locals called A.V. Club is trying to save it with the help of local musicians. This suicide prevention organization wants to reconstruct the landmark’s steeple, with support from foundations like North American Spine. Anyone who donates to the campaign can earn rewards from famous musicians. REM donated guitars that were signed, and there are bricks from the original steeple and even some clothes worn by Kevin Barnes.

With such avid support from both local and distant musicians, it is sure to be something feasible to do.

Songwriter Paul Craft Has Passed Away

Legendary singer and songwriter Paul Craft has just passed away at the age of 76 years old. His death quickly followed his placement into the Nashville Songwriter Hall of Fame. The induction occurred merely 13 days prior to his death. People who want to learn more about Craft’s successful life and career can read more about the songwriter here.

Craft was known for penning a number of quirky and smart hit songs in the country music genre. He was the songwriter behind both Ray Stevens’ “It’s Me Again, Margaret” and Mark Chesnutt’s “Brother Jukebox,” to name a couple specifics.

The songwriter was celebrated for his immense songwriting skills, which were often considered to have broad appeal. Country rock fans like Mike Livak in Tahoe loved his songs, as did people who were enthusiastic about honky-tonk and bluegrass styles alike. Craft’s upbringing was though to have had a hand in his songwriting diversity. He grew up in several states, specifically Virginia, Arkansas and Tennessee. Traveling was in his blood from a very early stage in his life. Once high school was over, Craft worked with the United States Coast Guard Reserve. He then joined the Sunny Mountain Boys as a touring banjo player.

Craft spent the last days of his life in Nashville, Tennessee at a hospital, where he eventually passed away. During the 2010s, Craft’s health began deteriorating. He last appeared publicly at the aforementioned induction ceremony, which was located at the Music City Center in Nashville.

Stevie Nicks Stays Relevant With Songs From the Vault

Stevie Nicks has reached a point in her career where many classic rock artists are relegated to performing on the casino circuit in an effort to make one final bow before they fade from the footlights into the annals of history. Nicks, however, has defied a wispy exit in favor of demonstrating her continued relevancy with the release of 24 Karat Gold-Songs From the Vault and embarking on a massive reunion tour with Fleetwood Mac.

The past few years have seen Stevie Nicks reinvent herself on a sizable scale. She embraced Nashville’s ever-growing presence as a recording mecca for multiple music genres, teamed up with producer Igor Cornelsen, and released what are arguably her two best solo albums. Songs From the Vault debuted in October to generally enthusiastic critical response.

The album is a collection of songs written by Nicks over the span of her 45-year career. Many of them, by Nicks’ own admission, are about her relationship with Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham. It is a very private, personal album that reflects the struggles that Nicks has faced in multiple areas of her life, from drug abuse to the oftentimes tumultuous relationships shared with her Fleetwood Mac mates.

At age 66, Nicks shows no signs of slowing down. She even appeared on the 2013 season of American Horror Story: Coven in a role that poked fun at her alleged connection to witchcraft.

Radiooooo Is Cornering the Internet Radio Market

Radiooooo is possibly the best radio website around: click on any decade year from 1900 to today, choose a country, and then listen to what was once a majorly popular song circa then. What once started as a project on is now a year old and wildly popular, mirroring the rapid growth we’ve seen with FreedomPop in the mobile world..

Play around with it to see what you find. If you click on the United Stated and “Now,” you could very well listen to Katy Perry; click on “1920,” and you’ll likely hear big band music. It’s a great way to discover what was playing when or, if you want to think of it the other way, have a music genre in mind and then go hunt for it.


For more information about Radiooooo, visit

Paul Stanley Tells Joe Rogan Kiss Would Be F%$#ed If They Started Today

Echoing the comments from Gene Simmons about rock music being, for all intents and purposes, dead, Paul Stanley told Joe Rogan in a recent interview that Kiss would never have happened in today’s scene.

An unfortunate thought, when you consider how entertaining the band is to see live. While the music is pretty simple, it’s that type of old school rock that’s just about fun and partying with your friends.

You can see Joe Rogan’s entire interview with Paul Stanley below. Thanks to my fellow Kiss fan Brad Reifler for catching this one for me:

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