Michel Terpin’s career as a rally driver kicks back to the year 2002 when he debuted at the Sertoes Annual Cross Country Championship. Back then, he started out as a motorbike race participant where he dazzled his fellow competitors with dazzling moves and skills in the competition. By the year 2004, his brother Rodrigo Terpin enticed him into car races where he became reluctant to join his side. After much persuasion, he enjoined the T1 vehicle category under the guidance of his brother. As a junior driver in this category, Michel Terpin was simply amazing, as he became a perennial participant in these competitions with a series of top 5 finishes from 2004-2007. In fact, in less than ten years of experience as a rally driver, he had already begun making inroads to this dreaded sporting activity. These astounding performances from a younger and a less experienced rally driver were a motivation to several drivers who would wish to have him on board. Before long he ventured into a professional driver in the cross country championship.

Michel Terpin Achievements

By the next 2008 version of the Sertoes Annual Cross Country Championship, he had teamed up with Maykel Justo to form the best rallying duo for the subsequent events. As one of the most experienced navigators in Brazilian rally championship, he convinced Michel into adopting the ever mighty T-Rex version of a rally car. Through the T-Rex, he managed to maneuver the rough terrains and the scary depressions in the mountainous Brazilian countryside. These experiences built confidence for him tackling the last stage of the cross country rallies.

Winning the Sertoes 24th Edition

Together they won the subsequent series of the event back to back with their tally in the Brazilian Cross Country Championship also earning them the position 5 in ranking. Winning this 24th edition proved challenging and exhaustive, and for the 7th time, the T-Rex stood the test of time as the most viable choice of car for Michel and Justo. From these accomplishments, he became a household name in the Brazilian sporting scene, and he consequently encouraged many young and aged individuals to join the car rally sport.


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