Bring back the nostalgia and bring on the 90’s. It’s throwback time at LimeCrime. So break out your cassettes and LP’s and bring on the Polly Pockets…ahem…I mean…Pocket Candy Pallets.

Lime Crime is all the rage right now and CEO Doe Deere couldn’t be happier.

In case you’ve had your head in the closet, Lime Crime is the Vegan and Non-Animal Tested latest in skin care. From velvet finishes to flirty unicorn hair color Lime Crime delivers the latest in a trendy yet conscious friendly way in beauty products.

In a shoutout to the 90’s Polly Pocket Dolls, Lime Crime’s Pocket Candy Pallets comes in 5 silky-smooth throwback shades. Make your eyes pop with shimmering bursts of color and barely-there neutrals. These vintage-inspired pallets are infused with high-end pigments that is sure to go on rich, creamy, and smooth. Each pallet contains eye and cheek colors in five shimmering shades.

Where else can you match your lips to your hair?

Try each 90’s inspired fab color:

Sugar Plum


Pink Lemonade

These pallets are sure to please any makeup aficionado and the little candy pallet is so cute! And just like the Polly Pocket Doll…you can yes…tuck them in your favorite jeans and Voila!

All pallets double as matching cheek color to give your makeup that chic matching touch. And each color features in either: shimmer, satin, or a matte finish.

Get all three in a Pocket Candy Bundle for $80.00 (limited time). Sold separately for $27.00 each (limited time).

All items are vegan and cruelty-free!

So pull out your leg warmers and visit

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