James Dondero and His Titles
Within the Dallas community, there is a financial expert to reckon with. This person is James Dondero. He is a guru in financial matters having pursued a degree in commerce and finance from the University of Virginia. This education laid a foundation for his career as an expert on equities, commerce, and collateral loan obligations.Consequently, he has been highly sought to give insights in reputable institutions. With the necessary knowledge, he has risen through ranks to being the president of Highland Capital.Besides being the president at Highlands, James is also a member of American Banknote board, the MGM Studios, and the chair of NexBank.

Highland Dallas Foundation
With a lot of hard work, James decided to venture into his own investment. This is the Highland Capital Management, based in Dallas. As the president of Highland Capital, the Dallas community is leaping the benefits of having him as the head. This is due to the numerous donations he has given to this community. Under the leadership of James, Highlands has a charity foundation that helps him in realizing his vision in philanthropy. This is the Highland Dallas Foundation. Together with the Dallas Foundation and other philanthropic teams, that have a track record of achievement, James channels his donations. Through these foundations, the Dallas community has enjoyed the support in education, healthcare, and other projects from the Highland Capital.

The Dallas Zoo
James appreciates the Dallas society, as seen through the charitable ventures. Among these donations is the Dallas Zoo. For a long time, tourism sector was declining as the hippos from the Dallas Zoo had been missing for 15 years. However, donations from Highland Capital Management has greatly impacted the economy of this community. This is as a result of the hippos returning to the Zoo through a donation of $14 million from Highlands.

The Family Place Donation
Moreover, in partnership with Family Place, Highland through James issued $1 million to facilitate the completion of a shelter, for the victims of violence. Through family place, victims are not only empowered but also taught on violence awareness.

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