George Soros knows the ups and downs of the business world. In a single day following the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States, George Soros lost one billion dollars. Perhaps this is what has made him spend over $12 billion in philanthropy since he became a billionaire. For those who care to ask, he has been on the forefront on crucial issues affecting the society such as freedom of expression, inequality, injustice as well as dictatorship. He is one person who has supported accountable government and transparency in the society that we live in. This has led to George Soros to be a fighter for the people who are oppressed for who they are. This has seen him fight for the LGBT people, sex workers as well as drug users. In the United States, George Soros has built a reputation for funding the Democratic Party. During the 2016 presidential elections alone, George Soros through the Open Society Foundation contributed over $25 million to the Democratic cause.

When Hillary Clinton was named as the presidential candidate for the Democratic Party, billionaire George Soros vowed that he would travel to the Democratic Convention to see his friend accept the nomination. However, when that day came, George Soros was held up by serious business meetings in Europe. However, George Soros has openly expressed his admiration for the Democratic Party. Some of the agendas that George Soros openly agrees with the Democrats include immigration reforms, criminal justice reforms as well as religious tolerance. His strong passion for these three areas may have been fueled by the atrocities that George Soros experienced when growing up in Hungary. As a Kid, he witnessed Jews being killed by the Nazis for just being Jews. George Soros made the breakthrough in life when he pursued a degree in finance at the London School of Economics.

His opinions on many things may also have been shaped by the books that he read when studying at the university. A book called Open Society and Its Enemies by Karl Popper is credited with the reasoning that George Soros possesses. From this book, George Soros has managed to establish a company called the Soros Fund Management. His earliest involvement in democracy is funding South African students fight the Apartheid Rule. He was also very active in the USSR breakup. He is the mastermind behind nations like Georgia and Ukraine. During the economic crisis in Europe, George Soros pleaded with the European Union on a number of times to fund Ukraine. He reasoned that the funds would enable the country to attract foreign investments. For those who know George Soros, he has built a reputation for fighting for the lost causes, giving hope to the hopeless.

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