Fabletics is one of those companies that have managed to embrace the aspect of being different and do something beneficial with it. The company was founded in 2013 and was the brainchild of Kate Hudson. The brand takes pride in being one of a kind activewear brand that makes getting their clothes a lot easier than ever before. Right from the fashion lines they put out, to the kind of marketing that the brand incorporates to make their brand successful, they are known to go down the path less traveled.


When the company was first formed, the marketing team and the higher ups were always on the lookout for ways that they can not just market the brand, but keep their customers coming back for more. That’s when the idea of making the brand sell through a customer subscription seemed like the answer to their problems. Not many brands follow this route, and those that do, end up not doing so well. But not Fabletics. The brand has managed to incorporate this in a way that helped their customers, rather than putting unnecessary restrictions on them. When the brand was in its infancy, numerous marketing surveys were conducted so that the efficiency of what they were doing could be tested out. Through this, they were able to understand their customer’s trends and work around that. Through this, they realized that their customers would like to buy a lot more activewear, but do not have the time for it in the midst of their busy schedules. By incorporating a membership system, these customers could get the activewear that they want without having to spend much time shopping at physical stores.


This membership plan synergized extremely well with the way the brand offers their customers the options. When a customer logs onto the Fabletics website for the very first time, they are asked a few questions which would help the system give them better results. Questions like ‘what kind of sport do you play’ and ‘what is your body type’ are some of the main ways that the brand uses to determine their customer’s preferences. Thereon, customers are given options based on what they choose. This makes shopping for the right activewear a lot easier and more efficient. Customers can then choose what they want and have it shipped to their doorstep. Every month, customers can log onto the website and see the new additions to the store, and pick whatever they like.


When it comes to the physical stores as well, Fabletics has done what no one else has. The brand wanted their store to just serve as a place for people to try on their clothes, and not buy them, even though they do have the option to do so. Customers can see what they like, and then go home and pay for them in their own time and have the items shipped. By doing this, the brand has significantly increased their overall customer base. Those who have been averse to shopping online are also given the assurance of the product that they are receiving, which has helped to convert those who don’t shop online to ones who do.

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