Who is EOS

Found on shelves near registers at Wal-Mart and highlighting cosmetic sections in any retail store, the company behind the colorful little spheres that are EOS lip balm has become the largest advertiser in its category. When it all began, they were not even capable of selling one million units their first year of business. Now, this brand distributes over one million products each week.

How Did They Get to Where They Are

EOS brand began by taking advantage of a neglected issue in the industry. For years, lip balms consisted of a standard shape and design, mostly just differing in price range. Upon discovering the opportunity, creators focused on the need to produce a new beauty product that was fun, innovative, and complied with budget.

After doing small panels to define the areas where standard lip balms could be re-created, it was found that lip balm had become a mostly unisex commodity. Women no longer found it to be a pleasurable experience anymore. It did not deliver a subtle peak of delight.

To change the game in lip products, EOS wanted to produce something that was new, fun, efficient, and would live a long life on the market. https://www.kohls.com/catalog/womens-eos-lip-balm-makeup-health-beauty.jsp?CN=Gender:Womens+Brand:eos+Product:Lip%20Balm+Category:Makeup+Department:Health%20%26%20Beauty

What Successes Have They Seen

Once a brand that was known little about, EOS now has 7 million Facebook followers and 1.8 million Instagram followers. They have even sparked copycats in businesses such as Blistex, and in Walgreens and Sephora brands, and have even partnered with shoe brand, Keds, to create matching shoe and lip balm sets. With a strong innovative mindset and the discipline of a big corporation, EOS soared to become the second most popular lip balm in the country, and the first choice of lip balm in the carriage. For more info, visit evolutionofsmooth.com.

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