Drew Madden is a managing partner at Evergreen Managing Partners in Madison WI. Prior to working at Evergreen Managing, Madden was president at Nordic for five years. Madden began his career as Healthcare integrating consultant at Cerner Corporation. After working at Cerner for four years, Madden accepted employment at Epic. He compared his change of employment to a longtime Pepsi drinker changing over to Coke. Madden worked at Epic for five years employed as a health care consultant. In 2009, Drew Madden worked for Epic’s Ingenix branch. In 2010, Madden became vice president of Nordic Consulting partners before taking over as President, a year later until just last year when he resigned to go on to Evergreen Managing Partners. Madden is one of four managing partners at Evergreen Managing Partners. He’s surely missed at Nordic because of his great business skills. During his six years at Nordic , Madden grew the company employees from 10 employees to 725, and his client partners grew from 3 to 150 client partners. The annual income grew from $1,000,000 to 130,000.000 per year.

Drew Madden was educated at University of Iowa School of Engineering, prior to being employed at Cerner. Madden holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering, focusing on medical systems, in 2002. Drew Madden was a member of the class of 1998 Roland Story High School, located in Story, IA. Madden is married to Pattie Madden and have two small children, a boy and a girl. Madden is a big football fan. He likes the Iowa Hawkeyes and the Green Bay Packers.

Madden hopes that his health care partner company, Evergreen, will help doctors and patients become better connected to each other in order to serve them well. Drew Madden brings with him more than 11 years of experience in the IT Health care business. The IT Heath Care business has made patients vital signs accessible to the patient as well as speeded up the process from test to results that used to take days or even weeks. The IT Health program allows doctors to get test results sooner to effectively cure patients.

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