In a recent survey of the retiree or people who are about to
retire, it was found that most people either did not know what social security is or misunderstood what it exactly meant. Financial advisor, David Giertz, in an interview on spoke about how this can have an adverse effect on the retiree’s income. They could end up paying more taxes than what they should and have less disposable income at hand. One reason behind this situation was that most financial advisors did not speak to their clients about social security because it is not an easy topic to discuss at

In the same survey, it was found that one-third of the people who retired got fewer retirement benefits from their plans than what they had expected. Most of the people who were surveyed also did not mind changing their advisor if they did not explain social security to them today. The reason behind it is that more people are making an effort to know about social security and its benefits to them once they retire. David Giertz explained why it is important for people to take social security into account to make sure that they are getting the maximum benefits from their retirement plans.

David Giertz is one of the top executives with the Nationwide Investment Corporation. He joined the company like a financial advisor and in no time climbed the ladder to seniority. In the year 2013, he was named the Senior Vice President of the Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales. With an experience of over 30 years in the industry, he brings his skills and expertise to the company.

David Giertz takes out time to advise junior financial advisors in his company about the different financial plans and how they need to ensure that their clients are benefitted. According to, he also explains to them the importance of lYaying out the different financial plans including social security so that their clients can take well-informed decision about their lives. This has helped him get great referrals.

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