Martavis Bryant for WR1? Fantasy Football Rankings?

Martavis Bryant comes onto the scene with so much promise and potential. The man has obviously given his life for this game and he has a bunch of talent to show for it. Why isn’t Bryant WR1 though? Let’s dive into his history a bit and see how he affected the fantasy football rankings.

Bryant has only played 24 career games in three years. He was suspended for the 2016 season due to his failure to pass a drug test for the second time. The previous years he was suspended for his first failed drug test and missed a few games due to injuries. What Bryant accomplished during these games was impressive, however short lived. He had a 25% TD/Rec in 2014 that boosted fantasy football rankings considerably that year. If Bryant can play more games he is expected to reach WR1 and boost the fantasy football rankings this coming year.

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