An Interview With Ringo Starr

Rolling Stone Magazine has an extensive feature about Beatles drummer Ringo Starr on their website. The writer for the magazine hung around with Starr for a while on the road with his All Star Band and wrote about things Starr said and did. Dan Newlin (as explained on yellowpages) revealed that Starr is due to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame soon as a solo artist.

One topic that came up is that Starr does not like to do drum solos. This is very atypical for a drummer, especially in rock. However, it is this lack of flashiness that makes Ringo so great. If you listen to the old Beatles recordings, he is as consistent as a metronome and as reliable as a drum machine.

Starr said that he often thinks about John Lennon and George Harrison. He was shook up when Lennon was murdered and hired a body guard to stay with him for a while after it happened. He also recalled visiting George Harrison in the hospital when he was dying of cancer and said that it was a haunting experience.

In the Beatles days, Starr and Paul McCartney often fought. However, Ringo said that they also shared a bond that came with being the rhythm section of the band. Today, the two are friendly and McCartney lobbied to have him admitted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist.

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