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Steive Nicks- Fleetwood Mac Legend Looks Back

This month’s issue of “Rolling Stone Magazine” features Steive Nicks, vocalist of the Legendary Fleetwood Mac. Read the full article here. She is also featured on the cover of this months issue as well, and she looks stunning at sixty-six years old. The interview with Steive details a look back of her forty-eight year carrier spanning a life of ups and downs. The interview ranges from serious subjects, like her drug abuse and failed relationships, to a bit of light-hearted insight into her shopping habits. We get a look into Steive Nicks personal life, including her complex relationship with ex-lover and old Fleetwood Mac band mate, Lindsey Buckingham.

Though the article is brief it is great to see that Steive Nicks seems to be doing well, in fine heath and in great spirits. Though this might seem expected from one of the greatest living rock pioneers, known for her solo carrier as much as for her contribution to Fleetwood Mac. Fans of Stevie over at Slow Ventures are excited to check out the issue.

George Clinton Speaks with Great Clarity

It is no surprise to find out that George Clinton inspired a lot of people. He has a funk sound with Parliament that is still being sampled today. He had a sound that was unlike anything else out there, and many entertainers are still trying to duplicate it today.

In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, George Clinton talked about everything from the mobsters in the music industry to his desire to sober up.

People are not surprised that George did drugs. The cosmic album covers and space boots were obvious signs that there was more than good music being made. George Clinton was a close friend to Bob Marley, and drugs were definitely on the scene. Clinton admitted in his book that he went much further than the gateway drug of marijuana. He has said that he had to sober up from crack because he could not get his point across as a crackhead. The times he was referencing include meetings where he had to fight against music industry mobsters about unauthorized sampling of his music. George has stated that there were a lot of under-the-table practices where his music was getting sampled, but he wasn’t getting paid for it.

George Clinton addresses this in his memoir. He has continued to be an artist that attracts attention effortlessly. According to JustVision, Clinton recently appeared in a Kendrick Lamar video and on The Tonight Show, which I remember watching with Darius Fisher when he was in town.

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