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Up-close with Renowned Antique Collector, Author and Arms Specialist Michael Zomber

Many people find old items undesirable because of their age, condition and lack of utility. The new generation more so believes that such items lack relevance because they belong to a past era. However, there is an emerging trend whereby lovers of such objects are collecting them as a way of preserving human history and heritage. Those involved argue that the objects are proof of man’s artistry and responsiveness to detail. One of the most prominent personalities in this school of thought is Michael Zomber.

Antique collectors mainly do it out of the love for art. Others however do it as a money making venture because ancient items often have a classic aura about them. This makes them attract high value due to their substantial age. Those who love these collectibles often go searching for them, identifying them, negotiating and buying them for personal use or for resale. The most antique items used globally are furniture. These are mostly made of mahogany, pine, walnut and rosewood.

A Synopsis about Michael Zomber

He is an author, antique collector, film director and philanthropist. He was born in Washington to German immigrants and had his upbringing in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He is an alumnus of the University of Illinois and the University of California Los Angeles. Zomber is a force to reckon with in antique arms and armor, having been in the field for over three decades. He has a special liking for Japanese Samurai weapons. Through his hobby, Zomber undertakes to preserve the past by collecting unique pieces, which would otherwise become extinct if left to their own demise. He always aims at creating strategic partnership with other like-minded antique lovers for the purposes of creating a continuance of the past.

Zomber’s love for classic items has seen him make an appearance on History Channel’s “Tales of the Gun Series” as a curator. He is also a renowned author with several blockbusters under his name including Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War, and Jesus and the Samurai. These have won him numerous accolades for his ability to create vivid stories. He has also tried his hand in film production, partnering with his wife in producing the widely watched “Soul of the Samurai”, a documentary.



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