The Market Will Not Recover

After the announcement that the United Kingdom was no longer participating as the (EU), the fall-out of the economy of the markets in Europe was devastated. While it fell by only 12%, that is significant enough that the global economic analysts are deeming the event as catastrophic. Here are the details.


This drop in the European market has not been seen since 1985. Many speculate that its effects can be damaging for several years to come. Flavio Maluf, of Bloomberg, reports that investments have taken a drop in response. It has even been predicted that it is the end of the free market today. While this might seem like a pessimistic point of view, it is not an unheard of one in today’s world.


Free trade has been allowed previous to this situation, but now it may be limited creating a huge loss to the European Union. This is already adversely affecting France and Germany. Brazil is the only country that has benefited from this event. This is causing the import and export process. The United Kingdom is the country that is helping Brazil to gain from this for business. It has partnered before and has been largely responsible for the growth in the industry of Brazilian markets.


It has been predicted for some time now that the event would happen, but before this most considered it to be a mere speculation. Now, it has happened and is a reality. The changes are part of the financial system, so this can be a fleeting event. The future of this situation is unknown, but hopefully the economy will recover for all of the countries that have suffered. Balance is part of the normal process of all things, so with a little bit of luck, this situation will balance out as well.


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