It seems almost every day some new evil is on the Earth’s doorstep. Climate Change is harming our planet beyond repair, potentially making it uninhabitable for future generations. Cruel, inhumane experiments are performed on animals in dark corners of unsanctioned labs across the globe. People are starving in some capacity in every country on the planet. And all of that is without mention of rampant political corruption. The world needs heroes; that much is apparent to just about everyone. Avaaz, a civic organization that is forty-four million members strong, wants to help in making you a hero.
In many European and East Asian languages, Avaaz means voice. Appropriate, as that’s exactly what the organization aims to give you. By utilizing social media and their own online platform, Avaaz seeks to link hundreds of thousands of like minded individuals under a common roof. With community campaigns in seventeen different languages, served by a team on six continents, Avaaz has already built the foundation. There is no work to be done in getting the train moving- all a potential activist need do is hop on.
The options available to a member of the non-profit are vast and plentiful. As a matter of fact, their homepage immediately provides a link for anyone to make a petition of their own. Right next to that, is a link to the millions of success stories that Avaaz’s volunteers have created in their time with the organization. Lastly, a live feed, constantly refreshing, shows all the different accomplishments of members around the globe, their country of origin displayed to the left of their name. Avaaz is a welcoming community for anyone looking to make a difference. Everyone wanted to be a hero at some point; Avaaz is the platform that makes the dream a reality.

For further information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

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