Everyday, normal individuals just like you, the reader, all over the world are bombarded with ads and advice from news columns, tv personalities, market watch blurbs and online blogs and e-zines about how and why they should invest and in what. The superhighway of information can often be totally overwhelming, leaving a individual, would-be investor, or just someone who wants to protect and grow his or her nest egg, utterly adrift and confused. This is very bad news for private individuals but great news for the wolves on Wall Street and the financial vultures and loan sharks of big business.

Given all the turmoil concerning financial security, Agora Financial was born. Created in 1979 by the well known and respected financial author and expert, Bill Bonner, the company has grown extensively in the intervening years and operates tirelessly to help individuals protect themselves from the wealth stealers of Washington, Wall Street, big business and the Fed who look to feed on individual’s hard earned life savings.

For well over a decade the company has been helping private citizens both protect and grow their financial savings through a diverse array of free and informative newsletters, online publications, books, seminars and feature length documentaries. The company has proved exceptionally popular and has garnered a readership of well over one million who turn to the companies expert panel of self made millionaires, billionaires, award winning, scientific journalists and Pulitzer prize winning authors to help educate themselves on the most optimal ways to protect and grow their wealth.

Whether one is looking for advice on finding companies poised for rapid growth, looking for tips on how to effectively generate income or are looking for ways to secure those finances already acquired, Agora Financial has material to cover the topic. Unlike traditional financing companies, Agora Financial’s employees do not simply sit in their office highrises, clicking on a computer screen and relaying information, but rather go straight out into the field to research, whether that is the lucrative and burgeoning gold mines of South Africa, or the developing oil fields of North Dakota, which means they will always have first hand knowledge of developing markets to provide to their ever expanding circle of readers.

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