Jacob Lief and Malizole “Banks” Gwaxula are the founders of the Ubuntu Fund. Initially, Malizole was running a school in South Africa. Jacob volunteered to Banks to undertake her mission of providing the needy children of Port Elizabeth with various supplies that they required for school. The children greatly appreciated their efforts. However, the two leaders agreed that they needed to provide them with more services.

The two founded the institution in 1999. Presently, it supports over 2,000 disadvantaged children. Over the years, they have supported over 400,000 children. When they were starting operations, they zeroed in on availing education to the needy children. However, they realized that the children were having more problems in classroom. After conducting an in-depth research, they realized that most of the children could hardly eat three meals a day. They also learnt that HIV/AIDs epidemic was adversely affecting many families. Today, they promote home stability besides offering the children with medical attention.

Owing to the overwhelming number of children who seek for support, the Fund conducted a funds drive in London. At the end of the gala dinner that had attracted 300 guests, the Ubuntu Fund raised more than £603,000. This amount would help in expanding the Fund’s school campus, which is based in South Africa’s Port Elizabeth. Moreover, some funds would be expended in developing a state-of-art pediatric clinic. The additional money shall be used to increase the number of disadvantaged children enrolled in the institution. During the event, Jacob posited that children require everything for them to reach adulthood. At the gala, Andrew Rolfe was resourceful, as he organized for the entertainment and took care of meals.

About Andrew Rolfe

As the chairman of the charity organization, Andrew is one of the trusted leaders. He has helped the Fund to help many children in the society. The executive has extensive contacts. Rolfe gained immense experience in leadership because of working for different international corporations.

Moreover, Andrew is the former vice president responsible for PepsiCo Restaurants International’s operations in Europe. At the company, Rolfe was mandated with the duty of overseeing the operations of 1,300 Pizza Hut and KFC restaurants in 30 nations. He has also worked for Booker Foodservice as the chief executive officer.


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