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Dr. Clay Joins Mirna Therapeutics

Mirna Therapeutics made changes in its board of directors just recently. The biotechnology institution announced that Clay Siegall will now be one of the members of the board. Dr. Clay Siegall is the CEO of one of the most popular biotechnology company known as Seattle Genetics. In Mirna Therapeutics, Clay Siegall will serve as the outside director.

Mirna Therapeutics is a biotechnology firm that is headquartered in Texas. The pharmaceutical firm was started back in 2007, and it has been helpful to patients living with cancer. The company mostly focuses on the microRNA therapeutics. The institution has worked very hard to come up with better medications to cure cancer.

The Chief Executive Officer of Mirna Therapeutics, Dr. Paul Lammers has been very instrumental in the success the company has experienced. In a recent interview, Paul said that he was happy that Dr. Clay Siegall was joining his company. He said that he was confident that Siegall would help the company achieve its goals in advancing the microRNA therapeutics.

Dr. Clay Siegall has been in the pharmaceutical industry for a while. He has made some significant contributions in the biotechnology industry, especially in cancer treatment. In the year 2008, Dr. Clay Siegall decided to start a pharmaceutical company to help cure cancer. The company, Seattle Genetics has done quite well under his leadership.

Today, Dr. Clay Siegall serves as the CEO and president of the institution. He is also the chairman of the board of directors. His contributions have enabled the company to develop antibody therapies that help cancer patients. He has also published several books in the recent past. Dr. Clay has also helped the company to raise its capital and increase its revenue. The first product from the company has done very well in the market, and it has changed the lives of many cancer patients.

Not long ago, Seattle Genetics announced that it was planning to increase more drugs in the market. The drugs are expected to cure different types of cancers affecting people in the modern times. The company is also planning to increase the number of employees in the recent future.

Sanjay Shah Makes Autism Rock

September 14, 2016
Sanjay Shah Makes Autism Rock

On April 1st of this year, British millionaire Sanjay Shah held the Autism Rocks Festival, meant to coincide with Autism Awareness Month. The purpose of this festival was to promote and celebrate the developmental disorder called Autism with fun games, activities, and live music performances. Guest performances included popular American rappers Tyga and Flo Rida.

Some reading this article may be wondering: “Who is Sanjay Shah Denmark?” Fair question, but all you need is to do a little research to see that Sanjay is in fact a very accomplished businessman, a generous philanthropist, a loving father and husband, and an all-around decent guy. Having studied extensively in medicine before deciding he didn’t wish to be a doctor, Sanjay instead looked to making a name for himself as an accountant for several banks (Morgan Stanley, anyone?).

This was before 2009, during a big financial crisis that put his job in jeopardy. Fortunately, Sanjay had the skills and drive to open his own firm known as Solo Capital, of which he is still CEO to this day. Sanjay founded Autism Rocks back as a way to spread social awareness, with his own son being diagnosed in 2011 serving as the catalyst. As he was racking his brain over how to promote awareness, a conversation with hip-hop icon Snoop Dog was when a light went off in his head: Why not start musical festivals? So was born the Autism Rocks festival.

Since the first festival in 2014, headlined by the late musician Prince, the festivals have managed to raise over £600,000 in the name of autism awareness.

On top of the musical acts, there was a lot of fun and variety to be had at this year’s Autism Rocks Festival. There included games and activities such as laser tag, zip-lining, horse rides, barbecues, and much more. This year, Sanjay and his wife even threw in a petting zoo.

As much good as Sanjay has done to bring about some needed discussion about the disorder, he knows that his work isn’t over. As long as there’s autism, there’s always going to be an Autism Rocks.


September 9, 2016

Luckily, say no to dry lips. Thanks to Lip Balm. In every woman’s purse, you will never miss a lip balm. Lip balm is the trending way of ensuring that your lips are not dry. There are various lip balms available in the market. This article outlines the best affordable lip balms in the market to sooth your dry lips.


To top up the list is the Evolution of Smooth, also known as EOS lip balms. Evolution of Smooth lip balm is rich in vitamin E, blended with jojoba oil, delightful shea butter and pleasantly flavored natural lip balms. The Evolution of Smooth lip balm is ideal to the lips due to; they are natural, petrolatum free, and dermatologist tested to sooth every dry lip.

The Evolution of Smooth lip balms comes in different varieties to choose. The product line-up consists of;

  1. a) Organic smooth spheres with; passion fruit, or strawberry sorbet (, or blueberry acai or pomegranate raspberry
  2. b) Visibility soft-smooth spheres; Vanilla mint or coconut milk or blackberry nectar.
  3. c) Shimmer smooth areas with sheer pink or pearl
  4. d) Active Protection smooth spheres with lemon twist with SPF or Fresh grapefruit
  5. e) Organic-smooth sticks with pomegranate raspberry, or vanilla bean or sweet mint
  6. f) Multipacks

Evolution of smooth lip balms products are considered to be the best brand used by America idols such as Christina Aguilera, Hillary DUFF, Demi Lovato and Bar Rafaeli. Its growth in the market since its introduction made it climb the ladder to the best-selling lip balm in the country. Evolution of Smooth lip balms is now competing with long serving and famous brands such as Burt’s Bees, Blistex and Chapstick. From as little as $ 4.32 to as high as $ 7.21 get your Evolution of Smooth lip balms now! Available online on both Ulta and’s online store.

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Beessential orange ginger lip balm does not only nourish and smooth dry lips, but it also produces an awful scent. Unlike other lip balms, Beessential orange ginger lip balm is not waxy or thick it is extraordinarily moisturizing. It goes for only $ 2.99.


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