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George Soros’ Ideas On How To Save Ukraine And Europe

George Soros is a Hungarian-American investor, author, business magnate, and philanthropist. He has citizenship of both U.S. and Hungary. George was born on August 12, 1930. Apart from owning numerous businesses across the globe, George Soros Ukraine is the Chairman of Soros Fund Management and helped found the Open Society Foundation. After years of successful business deals, he has been able to rise to the top 30 wealthiest persons around the globe.

The wealthy businessman has written several articles on the current crisis in Ukraine. One of these articles, ‘Ukraine & Europe: What Should be Done?’ stands out. In the article, Soros looks at the various things that Europe could do to save the already failing systems in Ukraine.

He argues that although the European Union has become the master of muddling in crises in member states, the crises have been caused by the numerous structural defects of the Union. Soros compares this to kicking a can uphill. Every time the can is kicked, it keeps coming back. For example, when the Union solves a financial problem in Greece, it creates more problems both in the union and in Greece as a country. Currently, the union faces at least five crises: Greece, the euro, British referendum, migration, and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. What is bad is that the crises are reinforcing each other, thus making them harder and more complicated to tackle.

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A New Policy to Rescue Ukraine

Soros suggests that the crises should be solved in their order of priority. To this end, Soros believes that the Ukraine crisis should be given priority. However, he does not mean that the other four crises should be neglected. George Soros views the new Ukraine as a country determined to grow and establish itself as the opposite of the old Ukraine. Like the old Greece, the old Ukraine was hard to reform due to an oligarch-dominated economy and the greed of the political class that led to misuse of positions. In contrast, the new Ukraine, which was inspired by the 2014 revolution, has the sole objective of reforming the country.

In the pro-European protests, a new Ukraine was born after President Viktor F. Yanukovych was driven from power. Even when under the Russian military assault, the spirit for change among Ukrainians is ever stronger. Levy and Soros posits that Maidan supporters have moved from opposition and are now fully immersed in nation building. Most individuals have left their well-paying jobs to volunteer in parliament and government. The new finance minister, Natalie Jaresko, was a former investment banker. It is proper to note that many people do not know the secrets of the new Ukraine. Radical reforms have been put in place. The only remaining part is implementation of the same.

The Russian President continues to step up financial and military pressure on Ukraine. Even though the country is defending itself militarily, it necessitates financial assistance. There is the need for western powers to make political commitments towards availing additional funds, enhancing Ukraine’s reforms and suppressing Russian assaults. The reformers are working on ensuring that they avoid leakages that were common in the old Ukraine. They have also told the populace to hold them accountable for all the expenditures.

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Securus Technologies Showcases Dishonest GTL Strategies

Securus Technologies is a prison technology firm that’s located in Dallas, Texas. It’s been in business since 1986. Although Securus Technologies’ main office is in Dallas, it has branches in other parts of the nation, too. These are in Atlanta, Georgia, Carrollton, Texas and Allen, Texas. Criminal and civil justice innovations are are massive focal point for the Securus Technologies team.
According to PR Newswire’s report, the company has just indicated that it’s planning on providing information that will showcase questionable actions by GTL (short for “Global Tel Link).” GTL is a business that specializes in communications for people who are incarcerated.

Richard A. Smith (often simply called “Rick”) works as Securus Technologies’ CEO (Chief Executive Officer). He said that he’s passionate about helping the law enforcement field. He also said that he feels upset and bothered when involved companies behave in ways that are less than 100 percent honest and trustworthy. Smith noted that the goal at Securus Technologies goes far beyond profits. The CEO said that the firm wishes to look after their customers and focus on the things that are optimal for them.

Securus Technologies caters to 3,450 plus corrections, law enforcement and public safety organizations. The team at Securus Technologies strives to help the law enforcement world by offering invaluable public information, incident management, emergency response, information management, monitoring, communication, biometric assessment, investigation and inmate self-service assistance and supplies. Video services and phone services are both offered by the hard-working Securus America team. The company’s video services can help people who would like to set up on-site and residential visits, for example. The company’s phone services, on the other hand, can help people who want to learn about new and effective phone products. Prison voicemail is yet another big focus for the Securus Technologies staff. Securus Technologies works with prisons all over the country.




George Soros Thoughts on What the European Union Should Do to Ukraine

George Soros Ukraine have noted that a great deal of European voters have expressed their dissatisfaction with the European Union referring to the poor turn-out of voters in a European Parliamentary election a few years ago. This is in contrast to the great desire by the Ukrainian people to support the EU society, something that EU leaders and citizens should interpret and figure out it means.

The European Union was initially established to be an association that brings together the sovereign states who were willing to gradually share their sovereignty for a common significant good. However, with the advent of the 1991 ‘Central Europe Crisis’, the EU was transformed and restructured into a radically different society where debtors and creditors imposed conditions to maintain their dominance.

Russia in particular is turning out to be a dangerous enemy and rival to the EU and is willing to use force to reveal its global geopolitical ambitions. Putin is exploiting the country ethnic ideology to strengthen his regime seeking an alliance with China in an effort to weaken America’s global dominance. His self-inflicted regime is getting in the way of Russia strategic interest of benefiting more from collaboration with the EU. Putin use of violence in Kyiv’s Maidan have resulted to the birth of a ‘new Ukraine’ that is focused to be part of EU and not Russia Empire.

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The success of new Ukraine is however under threat from Putin who would do anything to destabilize the country. But with Ukraine turning to EU for strategic help, Putin plan may not necessarily work. The first thing that EU ought to do offset Putin’s efforts of disorganizing the new Ukraine is to offer unrestricted political risk insurance to whoever is doing business with Ukraine or investing in the country. This would keep the country economy running in spite of the political crisis as well as assure Ukrainians that U.S. and EU are committed to them. Businesses would flock to the freshly opened and favorable markets of Ukraine if investors were assured of full compensation for any of their losses caused by political crashes.

George Soros Ukraine believes that EU can also guarantee the losses by funding the World Bank where every government provides an uncertain pro-rata capital infusion, pledging the rest in form of callable capital available if and when the losses are essentially paid out. This is reported in Project Syndicate.

If the European Union act swiftly and promptly, the Ukraine scenario will be forgotten within a couple years as if it never happened. As long the rich natural resources of the country are still lying idle, it will make sense to support Ukraine from the fiscal compact investment that would finally pay for themselves. And if such reforms marks the beginning of a growth policy that the European Union so badly requires, then saving Ukraine would be like saving the rest of Europe. The same society that existed 20 years ago will be restored to bolster the success of its sovereign state politically, economically and socially.

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The State Theatre Unveils the Schedule for Free Movies this Summer

State Theatre, which is a historic 1921 film theater, maintains a reputation in New Jersey for hosting live performances. It recently announced the comeback of the Free Summer Movies Series, which is sponsored by the Provident Bank Foundation and the Boraie Development. The initiative is aimed at allowing the young people in the New Jersey to enjoy their favorite films with their summer camps, families as well as other groups.
The List of Movies and their Timetable

The initiative includes a list of six films, which will air on July 12, 19 and 26th. During this period, Frozen, the Extra Terrestrial and Despicable Me 2 will appear on the screen respectively. The other movies such as Babe, Monsters University, and Aladdin are expected to air on August 2, 9 and 16th respectively. Each particular movie will be showcased at a fixed period such as 10:30 am as well as 7:30 pm with individuals expected to use the free tickets to access the venue.

Statements from the Sponsors

The 2016 Free Sumer Movies Series marks the second time that the Boraie Development has taken part in the initiative as the official sponsors. Hiam Boraie expressed the pride and joy of the company in enabling families in New Jersey to watch their favorite movies in a historic theater. Jane Kurek from The Provident Bank Foundation also shared her joy on behalf of the Provident Bank for being part of the excellent Community Access Initiative organized by the State Theater.

Individuals who will take part in the movie sessions are expected to have an outstanding experience. This is due to the modern cinema projection system utilized by the State Theatre. It also includes a digital surround system, a Barco projector, and a 46’ Stewart film screen. The information was originally published through the New Jersey Stage. Learn more about Boraie Development:

Boraie Development

Boraie Development is one of the top development companies in both the residential and commercial sectors in New Jersey. It is headed by is founder and president Omar Boraie with the help of his son Wasseem Boraie who acts as the executive vice president. The company also utilizes a strong team of trained and experienced professionals who facilitate the company’s effort to create or build outstanding properties.

Apart from developing its properties by funding itself as well as seeking financial support from top financial institutions, it has a division that manages its projects. Read more: Boraie Development LLC Opens Leasing Center in New Brunswick, New Jersey

Through this division, the company is able to maintain its properties in good shape over a long span of time. The management roles include leasing, marketing, customer service, accounting, administration, and maintenance. The information was obtained from

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