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Organic Kibble Is The Best Grub For My Pup

As my dog has gotten older I’ve gotten worried about his overall health as well as his mental health. I want him to be very healthy until the day the Lord decides to take him home. I’ve done a lot of research into the best brands of premium dog food. So, when I came across this article in the Daily Herald I was really excited to have some guidance and perspective on the best store-bought foods I can get for my dog Harley. Reading this article that I also shared on my facebook account helped me feel more confident in my choices as a pet owner since I was familiar with many of the premium dog food brands mentioned.
Prior to using the Bright Minds formula, I had been feeding Harley Beneful PurinaStore‘s wet dog food from their Backcountry line. I had always wondered why it wasn’t made by Merrick Pet Care anymore, but the article in the Daily Herald explains pretty well that it has now been merged with Purina. Any case, I love the Backcountry line and Harley use to gobble down the Game Bird and Pacific Catch flavors like there was no tomorrow. When I was feeding Harley this recipe I never noticed any sort of digestive issues and the wet food smelled good to both of us. When I first got Harley I tried to buy on Wal-Mart lesser wet food brands which left a distasteful aroma in the house and caused stinky indigestion for Harley.

Currently, as Harley ages I’ve begun feeding him Beneful Purina’s Bright Minds formula. The Bright Minds formula has so many wholesome and nutritious ingredients included in the recipe. Looking at the bag now I’m noticing that they’ve incorporated medium chain triglycerides, which are a type of fat sourced from coconut oil which is apparently much simpler for older dogs to metabolize. Since I’ve begun feeding Harley this formula I’ve really noticed a change in the speed he figures out his puzzle toys. It may be my imagination, but I feel like Harley even listens better since I’ve begun using this recipe. When I transitioned Harley from the Backcountry line to the Bright Mind’s formula, it was extremely easy to do because both lines are such high quality. I also visit to learn more about dogs and their diet.

George Soros on the Problems Posed by China’s Debt Fueled Growth

China’s debt fueled economy mirrors the situation witnessed in the US in 2007/08, billionaire investor George Soros has warned. According to a report published by Bloomberg, Soros noted that the credit growth figures posted by China in March should be taken with a grain of salt, because they could spur global recession. Soros was speaking in New York at an Asian Society event on He acknowledged that China’s broadest measure of new credit stood at $362 billion or 2.34 trillion Yuan in March, a figure that is well above the median forecast of 1.4 trillion Yuan.

These figures demonstrate that China is only keen on posting positive economic growth and not reducing its stifling debt. The surge in credit in March, led to a rebound in the country’s property markets, with housing values in key cities such as Shenzhen rising by as much as 62% in a year. As China is momentarily feeding itself, Soros sees great similarities to what happened to the US in 2005 – 2006, before the financial crisis of 2007/08. During that period, much of the growth witnessed in the US was fueled by credit.

In China, George Soros points that the country’s banking system are already reporting more loans than deposits in their portfolios and this could spell serious problems when reconciling assets and liabilities. George Soros sentiments on the health of the Chinese economy were quickly denounced in a statement released by China’s state run Xinhua news agency. The statement termed Soros revelations as nothing new. The other person who is worried about the debt problem in China is Andrew Colquhoun of Fitch Ratings. Andrew fears that China’s debt on is unsustainable and could easily derail the economy.

About George Soros
George Soros is a renowned fund manager and philanthropist. He is best known as the founder and CEO of Soros Fund Management and Chair of the Open Society Foundations (OSF). According to the Hungarian born Soros fled from his communist led country to England in 1947. There he studied and graduated from the London School of Economics, before moving to the United States. George Soros made much of his wealth through an investment fund he founded and managed in the US.

Soros has also written several bestselling books as well as opinionated articles and essays that have regularly appeared in major newspapers and magazines around the world. According to George Soros , his bestselling books include; “The Tragedy of the European Union”, “The Soros Lectures at the Central European University” and “The Age of Fallibility”. These books provide insights into how Soros approaches business and investing. He also uses his books and articles to offer his perspectives on issues such as globalization, open societies, politics and philanthropy.

Charles Koch Launches A Strong Opposition Against Donald Trump’s Presidential Bid

Of late, Donald Trump has been a real pain in the butt to most free thinkers and liberalists in the United States. This Republican presidential aspirant is pushing for extreme policies in his campaigns. Among the people that have been disturbed by his extremism are the Koch brothers; Charles Koch and David Koch. Donald Trump is asking the white American population to elect him as the president, and he will make the nation for white Americans only. The has gone as far as promising white Americans that he will deport all other non-Americans back to their countries of origin. Donald Trump’s solution to the Mexican immigrants crisis is building a massive wall on the Mexican border. He even says that he will push Mexico to pay for the wall. Trump has also been very radical about Muslims; he says that if elected his government will ensure that America is not infiltrated by Muslims whom he claims to be the source of American problems.

This extremism and the senseless preposition is what have pricked the liberal mind of another Republican billionaire, Charles Koch. Charles and David Koch, his younger brother, have openly dismissed Trump as the suitable president for the nation. Charles Koch says that what America as a nation currently needs is a reformist president who will bring positive change and not arrogance. The Koch brothers have so far started plans to fight of Donald Trump and his silly agendas. These elite Republican financiers have laid down plans to support another suitable Republican candidate against Donald Trump. The $57 billion worth brothers have been rumored to plan to use over $900 million to battle Donald Trump. Charles says that Republicans have other better candidates that if given a chance can move the nation forward. He said that they were waiting for the presidential primaries to figure out which candidate they will support. He also expressed his determination to see to it that Donald Trump does not get anywhere near the White House.

If there is a force that holds all hopes against the crazy ambitions of Donald Trump, then it is the Koch brothers. These brothers are the prime owners of the Koch industries. This is an American multibillion industrialist firm that is currently number two in the country’s private firms revenue index. These brothers have not less than 42% of stakes in this firm, Koch Industries. Charles has been on the political scene as an observer for a long time.

Wiki Editors Make It Easy to Get Found on the Internet

Most anyone who was a high school or university student during the years since 2001 will recall how negatively teachers and professors viewed using Wikipedia as a source for serious research. The articles were written by anonymous nobodies, teahers and profs insisted, they were not properly verified and edited, they were constantly being altered as one anonymous writer substituted his or her information for that of another anonymous writer. But recently the academics at the University of Sydney, trusting in the old adage that it’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness, have come up with a very positive and enriching way to make Wikipedia a part of their student’s learning. In a recent article, Chris Havergal reports that some professors at the University of Sydney have started assigning their students to create or edit a Wikipedia page, instead of asking them to write research papers or take a traditional exam. The students have responded very positively to this change in assessment strategies, knowing from experience that what they post on Wikipedia will be read and used by the online community. Instead of being assessed by a single professor whose opinions they may or may not value, their work will have a lasting impact on the internet.
This impact results from Wikipedia’s status. Since 2001, it has become one of the most trusted and accessed reference works on the internet (or anywhere else, for that matter). When you do a Google search for just about anything, Wikipedia comes up on the first page of search results. Anything in the world that deserves to be known about can have a Wikipedia page, making the spread of meaningful information incredibly fast and easy. Wikipedia pages aren’t limited to historical facts and figures either. Business, organizations of any kind, and individuals can all have pages on Wikipedia as well; indeed, if they want readers to find them quickly and easily, it is in their best interests to have Wikipedia business page creation done for them. 

But how can a business or individual acquire his or her own Wikipedia page? The Wikipedia Foundation has fixed policies and stylesheets, including how and when to use footnotes and references, that writers of wiki pages have to follow in order to make their pages permanent. The answer lies in hiring Wiki writers who are well-trained professionals to create successful pages, easily done at a Wikipedia writing company such as Get Your Wiki. Here you’ll find Wikipedia editors for hire ready to help you create a wiki page, update one already made, even translate your page into another language (Wikipedia supports pages in dozens of world languages). If getting yourself or your business before readers’ eyes in a trusted and easily accessible form is your aim, Get Your Wiki is the answer to your needs.
NutriMost Antonio is Helping Alamo City Residents Lose Weight

Dr. Rob Vasquez founded NutriMost San Antonio to bring the unique benefits of that healthy diet program to the area.

Vasquez started out as an example of how Nutrimost works. He told local news hosts that he struggled with excess weight for many years. He tried the various diets and diet products. But when he tried out NutriMost he took off a total of 60 days, and has kept those pounds off for over a year.

What’s unique about NutriMost is the Resonant Frequency Technology with which they scan everybody’s bodies. It detects hundreds of biomarkers, which determine what foods each individual needs to eat to get into the fat burning zone. Unlike what people read in diet books and encounter in all the other famous diet programs and shakes, pills and bars that those companies want to sell, everybody’s body is different. Therefore, the foods that get them to burn fat instead of storing are unique to them.

According to the nutrimost website, foods contain powerful chemicals that mess up neurotransmitters and hormones, which makes the body resistant to losing weight through exercise and diet. By using the NutriMost Fat Loss Scan, they assess every biomarker related to storing, metabolizing and burning fat. They look at a long list of factors such as: hormones, toxins, heavy metals, mycoplasma, candida and biotoxins.

The NRF Technology posted on enables NutriMost to determine exactly which foods the person needs to eat to reduce the biological stress on their body organs. The hormones must be balanced in a healthy way before body is willing to burn fat. The fat burning zone of the hormones is narrow, so the foods people eat must keep them in it.

Besides losing 60 pounds, when Dr. Vasquez went on the NutriMost system he cleared up his headaches, asthma and allergies.

Once the client loses that weight, your body establishes a new set point, so your body wants to remain at that size.

Watch the Nutrimost campaign video here:



Spend the Night With The Queens

Before you turn on your regular program and settle in for the night, consider trying something new. With television schedules being overstuffed with reality shows that all seem suspiciously alike it is difficult to imagine the introduction of an original idea. Thankfully suspicions were put to rest with The Queens of Drama. This show takes famous faces from well known soap operas and brings them together so they can create their very own television series. After watching the very first episode it will be obvious why drama has made these ladies the queens. This show is a new favorite waiting to happen.

The premise of The Queens of Drama is to portray events that occurred when the darlings of daytime decided to make their very own prime time program. The plot will be sure to draw in viewers, but it is the conflict that will keep them coming back for more. The beautiful and talented Crystal Hunt has made sure of that. Fans of daytime may remember her as the manipulative Stacy Morasco from One Life to Live. Hunt brings all she has learned from her former character to the stylized version of herself she plays on The Queens of Drama. Her performance is almost guaranteed to get many more addicted to the drama.

Crystal Hunt has proven herself to be an amazing actress, her YouTube reel confirms as much. She craved the spotlight at a very young age as she was in pageants at just two years old. Though fame might be in her blood she has also made quite a name for herself behind the scenes. She went out of her comfort zone and into the horror genre where was a producer for the film Talbot County. As if she was not busy enough, Hunt also likes to stay close to her hometown of Clearwater, Florida where she opened a pet boutique. It is obvious that Crystal Hunt is making a name for herself in industries everywhere, one look at her growing credentials shows as much.  But if you’re looking for a different side of Crystal, be sure to check out her Photography website.  She also communicates with fans pretty frequently on the Crystal Hunt official Facebook page.

The Queens of Drama is sure to add a little something extra to your day. It is a combination of two beloved forms of entertainment and is as unique as it is clever. The witty script along with the lovely cast will give you something to talk about at the water cooler in the morning. Try out the show tonight and satisfy the drama queen in you.

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