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Mergers & Acquisitions by Madison Street Capital Video Summary

Madison Street Capital, an investment banking firm, has a video entitled “Mergers & Acquisitions | Madison Street Capital” available on Youtube. In this video, graphic art is used to illustrate the firm’s approach to handling a corporate client’s transition on during the sometimes daunting process of an acquisition or merger. The video is aimed at perspective clients who want to better understand what they can expect by working with the financial firm during this process.

The video opens by asserting that the firm specializes is both “Buy Side” and “Sell Side” advisory services, with the stated goal of assisting asset managers to increase the monetary value of their companies. The video makes it clear that in Madison Street Capital achieving the optimal economic outcome is not the only goal, however. It stresses the value of people to a organization, and places emphasis on making transitions that are conducive to maintaining a healthy corporate culture.

The video of Madison Street Capital, running roughly a minute and a half, asserts that the greatest success is achieved in mergers and acquisition by, firstly, aligning management of the firms in question. It is key that management are on the same page with regards to handling employee and asset transition. The firm also highlights the crucial role of sound investment strategy and setting strong growth initiatives. In it’s final display on, it underscores the importance of both long-term and short-term financial objectives being put into place.

Madison Street Capital offers a range of financial services that include corporate advisory, company valuation, and financial opinions for mid-level businesses. Founded in 2005, the firm strives to provide mergers and acquisition advisory services that exceed expectations. It is first necessary that prospective clients know the true financial value of their business, something Madison Street Capital’s financial professions can expertly assess. An accurate valuation is essential to providing the most crystalline image of what opportunities can await a client.

For organizations seeking acquisitions, lending, or desiring to build a rock solid exit strategy, Madison Street Capital has built its name on delivering results and has cemented its place as one of the leading financial service providers for mid-level clients. Madison Street Capital has offices in North America, Asia and Africa and has a history of delivering winning financial advice to firms all over the world.

Up-close with Renowned Antique Collector, Author and Arms Specialist Michael Zomber

Many people find old items undesirable because of their age, condition and lack of utility. The new generation more so believes that such items lack relevance because they belong to a past era. However, there is an emerging trend whereby lovers of such objects are collecting them as a way of preserving human history and heritage. Those involved argue that the objects are proof of man’s artistry and responsiveness to detail. One of the most prominent personalities in this school of thought is Michael Zomber.

Antique collectors mainly do it out of the love for art. Others however do it as a money making venture because ancient items often have a classic aura about them. This makes them attract high value due to their substantial age. Those who love these collectibles often go searching for them, identifying them, negotiating and buying them for personal use or for resale. The most antique items used globally are furniture. These are mostly made of mahogany, pine, walnut and rosewood.

A Synopsis about Michael Zomber

He is an author, antique collector, film director and philanthropist. He was born in Washington to German immigrants and had his upbringing in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He is an alumnus of the University of Illinois and the University of California Los Angeles. Zomber is a force to reckon with in antique arms and armor, having been in the field for over three decades. He has a special liking for Japanese Samurai weapons. Through his hobby, Zomber undertakes to preserve the past by collecting unique pieces, which would otherwise become extinct if left to their own demise. He always aims at creating strategic partnership with other like-minded antique lovers for the purposes of creating a continuance of the past.

Zomber’s love for classic items has seen him make an appearance on History Channel’s “Tales of the Gun Series” as a curator. He is also a renowned author with several blockbusters under his name including Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War, and Jesus and the Samurai. These have won him numerous accolades for his ability to create vivid stories. He has also tried his hand in film production, partnering with his wife in producing the widely watched “Soul of the Samurai”, a documentary.



George Soros knows that Republicans are Isolating Latino Voters


Billionaire magnate George Soros is a powerful man in the world of business and politics. He is the 30th most richest person on the Earth. Soros’s wealth staggering and his keen business and political sense is rarely matched by anyone. Soros has currently contributed millions of dollars to the Immigrant Voters Win Super PAC. This particular super PAC is designed to help persuade more of the Latino population to get out to the polls and to vote for a democratic leader. This is something that many Republic candidates fail to do.

Traditionally, many Republican candidates have a tendency to shun immigration reform. Taking this stance is a huge mistake and former Republican party candidates such as Mitt Romney has lost their chances at the presidency for having this view.

The issue of immigration reform is a hot topic within the United States. If a candidate is not careful they have the potential to not only ruin their opportunity to become president; they can also ruin it for the Republican party as well. Many foreign people and their sympathizers will see all Republicans as individuals who do not stand up for freedom and democracy. This is essentially the type of outcome that the democratic party wants.

George Soros believes that he must do his part to keep Donald Trump out of office. He realizes that the immigration issue is very important to this nation. This is one reason why he supports the Immigrant Voters Win Super PAC. FIRM which is the organization that started this PAC is made up of a group of pro-immigration reform organizations. Their main goal is revolutionize the immigration system in America. They realize that the best way to do this by electing a presidential candidate that has similar views to their own.

Soros is firm supporter of Hillary Clinton. He has has donated his own money to another PAC that has been created to help her become the first female Head of State. Soros has combined his latest contribution with other liberal minded individuals to raise $15 million for the Immigrant Voters Win Super PAC. He hopes that the pro-immigrant reform groups can effectively use this money to influence Latino voters to turn out in record numbers at the polls in 2016. The New York Times features an article titled Soros and Other Liberal Donors to Fund Bid to Spur Latino Voters that will help to further explain why this issue is so important.

George Soro Believes That Yuan Devaluation is taking the World Economy back to 2008

George Soros has come out clear on what is happening in the world markets. He admits that unless investors tread carefully, there is bound to be a crisis in the world’s economy. He attributes this problem to the devaluation in China.
Speaking in Bloomberg TV at an economic discussion, Billionaire George Soros, asserted that in a bid to develop an alternative model for growth, China’s currency is facing devaluation; hence, causing problems to other nations in the world. As such, third world countries are finding it hard to establish convincing interest rates. According to him, the current economic situation is a replica of 2008.
Commodity, world currency and stock markets experienced difficulties at the beginning of this year. He adds that with Chinese Yuan on the brink of devaluation, China’s economy is likely to result into more problems in the world market. This is attributed to the China’s shifted focus on consumption rather than manufacturing and investment. Worse of all, approximately $2.5 trillion loss was realized across the world due the China halting trade for one day – Asia being the worst hit. The problems facing China are huge and Soros has termed it a global economic crisis. He continues to say that what is happening in the financial market is actually a reminiscent of how things were in 2008.
Comparing Greece’s economic situation with that of 2011 after the WTO bombing, Soros said the current situation is worse. With his hedge-fund firm having gained 20% yearly between 1969 and 2011, Soros is worth $27.3 billion, this is according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index statistics.

Soros was reputed for his investing ability in 1992 when he earned $1 billion from a bet citing compelled pound devaluation by the U.K. He started his profession in New York in the ‘50s. Current studies have shown an upsurge in volatility measures. Popularly referred to as VIX (fear gauge), the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index has increased by 13%. According to the Nikkei Stock Average Volatility Index, Japanese shares protection cost has gone up by 43%. As a result, Merrill Lynch index of Treasury bonds anticipated price has increased by 5.7%.

The Communist party in China has promised to enhance convertibility of the Yuan by 2020 as well as gradually overhauling capital reins. Soros affirms that regardless of the People’s Bank in China historically lowering its interest rates and the government pumping considerable amounts of billion dollars into China’s economy, the weakness remains to be felt. Recent statistics have confirmed that the manufacturing sector is slugging. This revelation is a big indication that many countries across the world are having their share of economic catastrophes facing China.

Dr. Sergio Cortes Discusses Crisis Management of Zika Virus

The recent outbreak of the Zika virus in Africa, Asia, and now regions of South America including Brazil, have caused major upheaval in and around the country. Dr. Sergio Cortes recently led a discussion on how the crisis was being managed in areas affected by the dreaded Zika virus. Though the Zika virus has been in circulation in Africa and parts of Asia since the early 1940s, the disease has only recently become a problem. When it was fist discovered, the virus rarely caused symptoms (studies show that the virus causes symptoms in about 1 in 5 cases) and led to no major complications. The virus is now being linked to some serious conditions in babies born to infected mothers and the symptoms of the virus are becoming more severe in nature. These facts, combined with the fact that the virus is spreading more rapidly now than at any other previous time in history, have created a crisis situation that has become necessary for medical and government officials to effectively manage.

Dr. Sergio Cortes described several crisis management systems that have been put in place due to the outbreak of the Zika virus. In addition to prevention methods and procedures given to citizens in an effort to prevent any further spread of this virus, medical professionals have been conducting a series of blood and tissue tests on patients that present with symptoms of the Zika virus or dengue fever. These tests aid in the attempt to manage the crisis because they are being administered in order appropriately isolate certain compounds contained in the virus and develop an effective antiviral solution for it.

It has become increasingly important for officials to implement these crisis management systems in order to effectively prevent further spread of the virus not only to more residents of already affected areas, but in an effort to prevent the spread of the virus to other countries and parts of the world. In an attempt to do this, the CDC has issued warnings for travelers to Africa, Asia, and South American countries. These warnings state that travelers to regions that are battling the Zika virus should take the appropriate precautions before entering the country to avoid contact with mosquitos. The warnings also advise pregnant women and women who have future plans to become pregnant to avoid the contaminated areas all together. Since the Zika virus has been proven to cause devastating conditions in the infants of infected mothers, travel to contaminated countries is said to be extremely unwise for these women. Dr. Sergio Cortes’ entire article regarding the Zika virus and its implication was recently published on his official website. It can be read here.

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