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Alice the Puppy’s Experience with Beneful

I recently got a new Britney puppy and named her Alice. Alice is a very high energy puppy and gets into all kinds of trouble like most puppies do. Since I had just got Alice from a breeder I had to find a good food for her as she has been with her mom since the day she was born until now. After a lot of online research I decided I would try the brand Beneful for my little Alice. She deserves only the best possible type of food and they seemed like they had a lot of types to choose from. I wasn’t sure if I should get Alice dry or wet dog food at first but I decided I would get dry dog food. Beneful had a few dry dog food products that caught my eye. The main products that caught my eye were Beneful Originals, Beneful Healthy Puppy, Beneful Playful Life and Beneful Incredibites. When looking at Beneful Originals I noticed there was three different types of flavors. Beneful Originals from walmart seemed to me like it would be a good food for an adult dog who didn’t have any problems with weight,wasn’t a very energetic breed, or was older. So I decided It would not be right for Alice sense she is so energetic and is still a puppy. So I was down to the three other products that caught my eye. Beneful Healthy Puppy looked like it would be the best fit for Alice right now because she is a puppy. When looking at the Beneful Playful Life food I decided that after she isn’t a puppy anymore, I will try that for her because she is such an energetic dog. I think that when she is old and is not as energetic anymore, I will put her on Beneful Originals. As for Beneful Incredibites it looked like it might be for smaller dogs and when Alice is full grown, she won’t be that small so I don’t think she will have a hard time chewing the big bites of food. I think for a small dog like a Chihuahua it would be perfect. Alice ended up loving her food and I know I made the right decision by researching the internet to find out about Beneful. I have recommended this product to my son for his dog because it is so great.



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