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John Textor and His Technology Breakthroughs

John Textor was previously Chairman and CEO of Digital Domain Productions and Chairman and CEO of it’s parent company Digital Domain Media Group. The companies are responsible for visual effects in movies, more than 80 large scale films. Such films were Transformers, Tron: Legacy and Pirates of the Caribbean to name a few. Textor and his team were able to rebuild the reputation of the studio and expand its profits. The companies under Textors leadership was recognized as the first visual effects company to deliver a believable digital human actor in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. While Textor was still involved with the company they created the digital Tupac Shakur at the Coachella Valley Music Festival in 2012 and the digital Elvis Presley. I personally was there at the festival and the crowd was stunned. Everyone went wild and I was truly impressed. It was like nothing I had ever seen. He has pointed out that this type of performance is complex to pull off and very labor intensive. He was quoted on his blog by saying “If we’re going to bring a Michael or an Elvis back into this form of stage entertainment, it must be story-based. You can’t have Elvis sitting on a stool singing 20 songs. That won’t work.”

Textor grew up in east Florida and became a competitive skater in Florida’s skateboard scene. Textor in his early executive years was the Chairman and CEO of Sims Snowboards. He pursued an undergraduate degree at Wesleyan University in 1987 and received a Bachelor’s of the Arts degree. In his early years he became director of The Parent Company and BabyUniverse, an internet retailer of children’s products.

John Textor currently lives in Florida and is Managing Principal of Wyndcrest Holdings, LLC. He continues to be active in the entertainment technology and space technology fields. Wyndcrest is a successful investment firm that turned $40 million into $700 million. He is also the Executive Chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation. The company is known as the leader and pioneering group of creating realistic digital holographs for live performances. They are able to create realistic humans that will be able to communicate through technology. He has earned the respect of many individuals whether in the entertainment industry or not, due to his amazing attention to detail when it comes to special effects.

How A Princess Does Lime Crime

September 27, 2015
How A Princess Does Lime Crime

My family always called me a tomboy when I was growing up. When all the other little girls were playing dress up and setting their little tables for tea parties, I was out in the field climbing trees or playing baseball with my brothers. Sure, I had a few dolls; however, they just sat on shelves in my room to look pretty. My favorite toys were my baseball, ball glove, and fishing pole. I was not a bit squeamish to put a worm on a hook and catch a nice-sized bass for dinner.

Momma always told me that I was pretty and tried to coax me into wearing the frilly things that my sisters wore. To appease her, I would wear these fancy get-ups to church on Sunday. I always felt awkward in them and they were impossible for outside play. My outfits of choice were comfortable jeans and colorful t-shirts or sweatshirts.

I was always popular in school and made decent grades. Sure, the boys all loved me at gym time or in mixed sports team. My athletic skills were great for my age and I excelled in about every sport I tried. I was not interested in all drama and fashion like the other girls in my classes. I liked to be outdoors having fun.

My first date was the junior high school prom. While all the other girls were jabbering about their dates and what they were going to wear, I could not have cared less. Of course, I was having a hard time denying my romantic feelings for Jake, my best friend since kindergarten. We played sports together and I assumed that he always thought of me as “one of the guys”. Imagine my utter surprise when Jack asked me to go to the prom! I was speechless for a moment, and shocked myself by saying yes.

It was the night of my dreams. Momma bought me a sky-blue dress and my sisters did my hair and makeup. I actually did not recognize myself in the mirror and felt like I had been magically morphed into Cinderella. Jake treated me like a princess at the dance and everyone complimented my dress and new look.

After that evening, I changed my mind about clothes and makeup. I liked the admiring glances that people gave me when I fixed up a bit. I never stopped playing sports through senior high school and college. I also loved my comfy jeans and t-shirts. I just started wearing makeup and added some more feminine things to my wardrobe. Ten years of marriage and two children later, I still love to dress up a bit. A friend of mine introduced me to Lime Crime’s website. Owner and designer Doe Deere created flashy colors that I just love! I can choose vibrant shades of lipsticks, blush, eye shadows, and nail colors that coordinate with some of my flashier clothes. The website is user-friendly and my purchases are delivered straight to my door. I can still feel like a princess thanks to Doe Deere’s Lime Crime on

Highlights Of Brian Mulligan Performances.

Brian Mulligan is a male singer born in New Yolk, America. He went to Yale University as well as the Juilliard School. Presently, his voice teacher is Stephen Smith.

Brain made his first performance at Metropolitan Opera while he was still a student at Juilliard School in 2003. Since then he has performed in other opera houses of great significance globally such as Opernhaus Zurich, San Francisco Opera, Lyric Opera of Chicago, and many others. In his young career, Brain has gained high acclamation, especially for his public presentations with San Francisco Opera.

This season, 2015-2016, Brain goes back to San Francisco Opera to perform a role in Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd, which is directed by Patrick Summers. At San Francisco Opera, Brain also leads as Roderick Usher in the extremely likely double bill of Gordon Getty’s Usher House and Debussy’s La Chute de la Maison Usher. All this was directed by David Pountney and led by Lawrence Foster. Brian Mulligan will conclude this season by performing at the Glimmerglass Festival as the profoundly honored John Proctor in Robert Ward’s Pulitzer Prize- winning an adaptation of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible.

In the 2014-2015 season, Brain went to San Francisco Opera performing as Count Anckarstrom in Verdi’s Un Ballo in Maschera directed by Nicola Luisotti. He also performed as Marcello in a fresh production of La Boheme guided by John Card and led by Guiseppe Finzi. During this season he also returned to Oper Frankfurt in the role of Amfortas in Parsifal led by Bertrand de Billy, and also as Tadeusz in a fresh production of Weinberg’s The Passenger. Mulligan also appeared as a male singer soloist in Orff’s Carmina Burana with the Los Angeles Philharmonic led by Gustavo Dudamel, and then returned to Aspen Music Festival performing as Amonasro in the presentation of Aida.

Mulligan holds the nationality of two different countries, the United States and Ireland.

The New Bariton Barron Of Opera

September 23, 2015
The New Bariton Barron Of Opera

Artistic talents have a multitude of ranges from writers, painters, animators, musicians and singers. They all strive to be great in one form or another, hoping to please the masses and showcase their hard word and dedication to their individual craft. Opera is possibly one of the oldest forms of entertainment for the ornately rich, its creation sparing from Italy at the end of the 16th century. Opera singing holds one of the highest bars for their performers, their lung capacity alone is a crucial part of becoming a famous and world renowned opera singer. Just as pop stars and rock stars, opera performers play to sold out shows around the world, just ask Brian Mulligan, a breakout star coming to light in the entertainment world.

Born in New York, Mulligan studies at Yale University and at the famed Julliard, the ultimate and prestigious school for the arts. Mulligan’s debut happened while he was still a student at Julliard in December 2003, performing in Die Frau ohne Schatten at the Metropolitan Opera. Since his debut he has gone on to perform at some of the greatest opera houses in the world including San Francisco Opera, Opernhaus Zurich, Lyric Opera of Chicago, Oper Frankfurt, and the Los Angeles Opera. Mulligan has attracted quiet a bit of attention for such a young age, his role as Richard Nixon in ‘Nixon in China’ received highly acclaimed reviews as well as his role Enrico in the production of ‘Lucia di Lammermoor’.

San Francisco’s Opera house is debuting its first ever production of ‘Sweeney Todd’ in which Mulligan is debuting as the title character. Even though it has been over ten years since his original debut he practices and performs with such energy and passion its like it’s his first debut all over again. He sympathizes with people who don’t know their path yet and thinks people should continue pushing because everyone gets rejected at some point, but claims its just part of the job.

He is now known as San Francisco’s baritone, though he has performed all over the world he still finds a bit of piece in his star studded home of Southern California. His small section of peace helps him clear his mind and with nights filled with eager patrons waiting to hear his magnificent voice, it is a necessary tranquility to keep him grounded though his passion for opera remains high.

Beauty Product as a Statement Makeup

There are several reasons why women wear makeup. Every basis for using makeup cosmetics varies from one person to another since all women have their own unique reasons for wearing makeup. While there is no right or wrong answer for these explanations, wearing make up can enhance physical characteristics which are generally considered as universal markers of beauty regardless of the existing cultural variation.

There is definitely comfort in the usual application of makeup, but there is nothing like the feeling of exploring something new. Lime Crime is a new cosmetics brand made by Doe Deere, a business and technology executive. This hot makeup brand is all packaged in pink with additional sparkly unicorns designed for bright colors and super intense pigments. Doe Deere is a fascinating figure who caters to a very passionate audience with her statement makeup.

One major reason why makeup is desirable for women is because it makes them appear more feminine. Makeup allows for faster identification of a gender as it enhances the natural contrast of the face. Lipstick and eyeshadow help the mouth stand out and the eyes pop. Women usually feel more confident when going to work, school, or running errands if they have some makeup on. Wearing makeup can simply include a mild application of mascara to the face with foundation or powder. Eyeliner, eyeshadow, lip gloss, and several coats of lipstick are also part of the beauty procedure.

Most ladies use makeup to express their character and reveal their identity. They continue to discover new ways to apply cosmetics and try different brands just to see all the unique versions of their appearance. While some women like to appear glamorous, others simply prefer a natural look. Most women still use some makeup to achieve a natural appearance with a polished look. This style makes it appear like they are not wearing makeup at all. When done correctly, any woman can put on foundation, lip color, and mascara without other people realizing it.

There are some women who seem to change their appearances with cosmetics mainly for the approval and attention of their male counterparts. Others may think that this is vanity and narcissism, but it still depends on how girls communicate messages and express themselves through makeup. Certainly, there are many forms of expression that allow ladies to showcase their individual styles. With all of the distinct textures, colors, and tools involved, playing with makeup can be a fun and exciting thing to do.

Women’s makeup makes their key features appear more noticeable. This look draws attention to their appearance as it highlights things about them which are very attractive. However, women must get the colors right in order to increase uniformity in both toning down and adding colors. For women who have troublesome complexion issues, makeup can help them disguise these problem areas. Concealers can easily hide dark under eye blemishes while applying foundations can smooth the complexion to get an even-toned canvas. Makeup is proven to be a good option for creating the illusion of having perfect skin.


Slyce Slated For First Public Appearance

Toronto, Ontario based Slyce is looking to completely revolutionize the way consumers shop online and how retailers gather information about their customer’s online shopping habits and patterns. Slyce is a platform that moves visual search technology and image recognition light years ahead of offerings like Amazon’s Firefly, which is limited by its inability to search for products that are not contained in their original packaging. Those types of visual search apps are predominantly only useful for people standing in a physical store wanting to check competing prices or gather more useful information about the product.

But Slyce’s revolutionary platform allows consumers to snap pictures of non-branded items they see other people using or wearing, such as clothing or shoes and conduct instant searches for them online. Tracking these kinds of searches will open up a whole new world of data analytics for retailers and give them valuable insights into what people are looking for and what catches their eye in real time, versus what catches their eye in a photo or catalogue.

Slyce has already undergone testing with six of the US’s top 20 retailers in 2014, including premier retail giants like Nieman-Marcus, JC Penney’s and Home Depot. It is slated to be unveiled at the Digital Summit to be held in October in Philadelphia, PA. Just last week they announced the launch of “Slyce Insights” which is the industry’s first data analytics service that is capable of extracting useful data in a contextual format that is garnered from product images. This will provide retailers their first meaningful looks at how exactly consumers are leveraging visual searches to enhance both their online and retail shopping experiences.

The platform provides retailers with access to numerous behavior metrics through a user friendly dashboard. The platform is designed to navigate easily through dense amounts of data to help retailers make crucial marketing and merchandising decisions. Slyce Insights also provides users with a number of filters which helps them gather targeted data on the individual buying preferences and patterns of select consumers. Some of the filters include top snapped brands and geographical distribution of items and brands.

Slyce plans on offering multi-tiered services to retailers that range from an entry-level version to a premium white-label full service version, which will derive its revenue from a monthly service fee. Retailers that opt in for the white-label service are given the additional option of contributing their anonymized data, which makes them eligible for a premium feature that allows them to compare their data against that of other industry leaders and to access deeper levels of analysis. Slyce Insights also allows retailers to compare their own individual data against aggregate market data collected by Slyce, which gives them a much greater sense of overall consumer buying behavior both online and in stores.

Slyce is Turning The Shopping World Upside Down

Shopping can be a daunting task. Not everyone enjoys the thrill of the hunt. For those of us busy people who barely have time to get a meal on the table, shopping online is a gift from the technological gurus. My smartphone never leaves my side. In fact, I often use it to snap a picture or two of an exciting shot I see. What I didn’t know is that those pictures I take can also help me do my shopping with ease. It sounds futuristic and it kind of is, but it is so worth the effort of setting up the app.

Slyce is an app that is sort of like a personal shopper. Have you ever watched a television show and marveled at the amazing outfit a soap star was wearing? Better still you’re at your local department store and you see a lady carrying the most amazing purse. You instantly feel a rush of jealousy and you have to have it. The best thing about Slyce is it can find that purse for you at a great price. I know it sounds impossible, but it works better than I ever imagined. This app utilizes product recognition shopping and using this technology it can turn your world upside down with possibilities.

That purse that you must have is carried from numerous vendors no doubt. You may not know where to find it locally, but Slyce can show you where you can order it from. If by some chance it cannot find that exact purse, it will show you an item very similar and within the same style. If there is more than one vendor, it will show you all the vendors and the pricing so that you can ensure you get the best deal. Amazon tried the image recognition shopping a few years back, and it just didn’t work out well for them. However, Slyce has new and improved services that are reinventing the way it was first created. Sure, it helps that they have seed funding of over $3.75 million dollars too. This helps them to enhance an already good service.

I don’t know about you, but my Christmas shopping just got a whole lot easier with Slyce. No more waiting in line for countless hours or trying to find that needle in a haystack for my children. This app is going to free up so much time for me, and it is going to save me a ton of money. Because this company works with more than twenty of the top 10 retailers in America; they can give me the best deals around. They are on the forefront of visual recognition shopping and as more retailers continue to sign with this company, things are only going to improve from here on out.

Broda Remains Optimistic about the Future of the Dollar

Economists appear divided about the future of the U.S. dollar. While many predict that the currency could be replaced by another super currency, some like Christian Broda are a bit more optimistic about the currency’s future. Whatever the outcome, the U.S.’s economy is bound to be affected. Christian Broda is Duquesne Capital Management’s managing director, and teaches economics at the University of Chicago.

When quantitative easing started, many economists and market watchers started considering the possibility of the U.S. dollar collapsing. Broda was not falling for any of that. He has written many papers on economics that have found their way into journals including the American Economic Review and the American Economic Review.

In one of the papers that Broda co-authored with Ethan Harris, he accurately predicted that market forces could see the inflation remaining low in the next couple of years. The inflation rate has been lower than five percent for a few years now.

Cornell economics professor, Eswar S. Prasad seems to echo Broda’s opinion. He does not believe that the dollar is on the verge of collapse. Prasad notes that though U.S. policy actions are being faulted for causing a global financial crisis, the dollar is still dominating as emerging markets find themselves in trouble. Prasad wrote the book “The Dollar Trap: How the U.S. Dollar Tightened Its Grip on Global Finance.”

Some economists and market watchers are not as optimistic as Broda and Prasad. In the wake of petrodollar challenges and an ever increasing government debt, they predict that there’s going to be an economic revolution. If the dollar falls, U.S. would sink into more debts and would have to fall back on quantitative easing. It would also say goodbye to all the financial privileges that it was enjoying before.

James Rickards is one economist who is predicts the fall of the dollar. He predicts one of the biggest financial collapses in history yet. As with the other three times that this has happened in history, he anticipates war, civil unrest and an unstable global economy. Rickards authored “The Death of Money.”

Recent comments made by former chief economist of the World Bank Justin Yifu Lin have shocked many. Lin blames the many economic and financial crises on the dollar, and suggests that a basket of currencies should replace the dollar. This is not new;Joseph Stiglitz had also suggested the same concept. Prasad and Broda opposed it.

Broda advises investors to favor U.S. over emerging markets. Though many people are starting to invest in new markets, Broda advises against it. With the exit of Fed, he is confident that the dollar will continue to strengthen. Quantitative easing is still being done in Japan and Europe is considering it.

The currency of choice has not remained the same over the years. As forces in the market conspire to replace the dollar, understanding what factors to watch out for will make the difference. However, Broda promises investors that the dollar is still going strong.

Finding Green Space in New York City With A Limited Budget

Finding a home or apartment with an outdoor space or patio is a challenge in NYC apartments for sale. Getting one with a tight budget of under $500,000 is even more difficult. To find an outdoor living space while being on a strict budget, one must be creative in their living accommodations. You must also be willing to live outside borough centers, where the real estate is more expensive. Typically the further away you move from a major population and shopping center, the more bang you will get for your back. This is vital for people who want a green oasis in the middle of a concrete jungle but don’t have a huge budget.

Let’s take a look at the boroughs of New York City and whether they have housing with green spaces within the $500,000 threshold. Staten Island, it seems has plenty of housing with yards, lawns and patios that are affordable to a person with a limited budget. This is great for people looking to settle in the borough of Staten Island. In the other four boroughs housing options with patios and yards are much more limited.

Manhattan is known to have some of the most expensive real estate in the entire world. Yet, one can find a green haven in Manhattan that falls within budget if they are willing to live further away from Midtown and Central Park. In Upper Manhattan, one can find a duplex with a sizable by New York City standards yard for just under $500,000. This duplex has two bedrooms, and is just over 1,400 square feet, with its very own green yard. This is a steal of a deal for those people looking for their own green oasis in Manhattan’s heavily developed concrete landscape. One the opposite end of the spectrum, you can find a Manhattan penthouse with its very own balcony near Central Park. The catch is that the entire apartment is only 250 square feet.

The remaining boroughs, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens all offer more options to the house hunter. As in Manhattan, buyers can expect to comprise square footage in order to have an affordable unit with its own green space. Moving farther away towards the edges of the boroughs is another smart move buyers can do to increase their prospects for finding their own green area. The original article on finding a home with its own balcony or yard in the Big Apple was originally published in the New York Times and can be read there.

Navigating New York City’s real estate market can be daunting, but it does not have to be. Consider hiring the help of a firm such as Town Residential. With multiple offices in New York City Town Residential has an intricate knowledge of the real estate market in the Big Apple. Their firm has top experts in the field of real estate, and will leverage their negotiating power to find you a deal in New York City that falls within your budget. The company is highly rated and well respected in the New York City area. They can helps both buyers and sellers negotiate a lease, purchase or close a sale in the New York City market. Founded in 2010, Town Residential has quickly established itself as a leading real estate firm in a span of only five years.

Slyce Redefines Window Shopping

Image Recognition

Have you ever wanted to buy something without looking in the store? Everyone who goes shopping knows how labor-some dealing with all the shenanigans involved in working with corporations is taxing on more than the wallet. The price might be higher shopping in stores, and dealing with sales associates who try to up sell you on other complimentary products are quite annoying. You just went to the store for a pair of headphones, but the sales guy is trying to get you a magazine subscription and CD cleaner wipes. Why would you want to deal with all of this frustration? Is there another way? What if I told you about an easier way to shop? Would you try it out?

It is the modern day and age. After many years of watching science fiction fantasies and reading novels that dare to predict the scope of evolving technology, we are all ready for some brave new innovations. We await the flying car. We already have escalators to get us through long airport walkways. Something else is new, too. The window shopping that we all have enjoyed has evolved in a great way. With Apps that allow us to purchase items we like just by waving our smartphone in front of them, we all should feel truly evolved commercially.

Welcome To Slyce

Slyce is an App that is made by a technology and innovation company that took its start in Toronto, Canada. It redefines the idea of point and shoot, smartphone window shopping for a new generation of consumers by visual search. When Amazon came out with a version that contained so many flaws, Slyce took the idea in a whole new direction. There are less limitations with Slyce. It’s easy to use from your smartphone. It takes just a little understanding of how the Slyce App works, and you’ll be ready to shop in no time.

Shop like a true champion bargain hunter. Take your phone with you to the shopping mall. Take it to the strip mall and just walk by the windows. Point at your favorite things. Use the Slyce App to get the best deal. It’s that simple to use. No longer will you have to pay standard retail prices. Slyce makes it easy to find the best bargain available. There’s no reason to resist the Slyce movement. It’s sweeping the shopping nation.

This little Toronto company stepped up to plate. The certainly redefined what we had imagined to be a great idea from the get go. Now, the app we’re left with is user friendly and addicting because of how easy it is to use. Slyce helps its users save money on their purchases.

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