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Dan Newlin: A Passion for Public Service

Dan Newlin knew he wanted to serve the public from an early age. As a teenager, he had a job as an Emergency Medical Technician. He was only on the job for six months when he delivered his first baby. When he became 20 years old, he joined the police force. This was the starting point of a career in law enforcement. He became a Deputy Sheriff and earned many awards and honors as a detective where he apprehended many dangerous people.

Newlin’s law career began in 1997 when he was accepted to law school and graduated three years later. Newlin practice evolves helping the everyday people find the help and justice that they deserve. He has met many people who lives had changed because of an accident or injury that was caused by someone else. Newlin feels that everyone deserves to get help and justice no matter who they are. Newlin’s Law Firm has received the recognition of being a Super Lawyer Firm. This recognition is given to less than 5 percent of lawyers or law firms located in Florida. Check out Dan Newlin on

Newlin’s passion reaches beyond the walls of a courtroom. He is also the founder of the Dan Newlin Project. Newlin recently partnered with Evander Holyfield and invited seven children whom are fighting cancer to to spend time with the champion boxer. Newlin got the idea from watching a video about the boxer. He thought no one understood more about set backs and fighting for what it most important than Holyfield. Holyfield was more than happy to be involved with the Dan Newlin Project. The boxer believes that it is important to inspire and give back to everyone with whom he comes into contact. The Dan Newlin Project is always looking for ways to help children who are going through a hard time.

Newlin, however, has another passion and that is technology. He has come up with an idea to integrate his love for new ideas and technology with his passion to help people. He has developed a dialing code which makes it easier for potential clients and present clients to contact his law firm. Newlin has taken the use of hashtags a step further than posting something on his Twitter account. Any one who needs his help just needs to dial #Dan and they will be connected to one of his offices. According to Newlin, this is easier for people to remember when they are in need of help. This technology allows for Newlin to tie his passions together.

Squaw Valley Ski Resort: An American Skiing Legacy Site


Squaw Valley Ski Resort is one of America’s best known and most historic ski destinations. Located just west of Lake Tahoe, Squaw Valley sits on 4,000 acres, has 6 peaks, some as high as 2,850 vertical feet, and boasts 34 ski lifts. Soon after it opened in 1949, Squaw Valley was selected to host the 1960 Winter Olympics. This was the first Olympics carried live on television. The incredible images of the great ski slopes and fantastic world-class facilities helped to put Squaw Valley Ski, and American skiing in general, into the consciousness of people around the world.

Sometimes referred to as “Squallywood”, Squaw Valley Ski has long been a haven for both the rich and famous and world-class skiers and snowboarders. Experiencing its wonderful cliffs, slopes, steeps, and fluff is the ultimate thrill for people who love having fun in the snow. But Squaw Valley isn’t just for ski enthusiasts. Non-skiers visit the resort year round to experience the cable car, Funitel, Olympic Museum, ice skating rink, and swimming lagoon and spa. The resort is also famous for its art and music festivals, great shopping, fine dining, and special events.

Squaw Valley is a great vacation destination any time of year. During summer months, people visit for the hiking, biking, and to enjoy the championship level links style golf course. But when the snow begins to fall, Squaw Valley is transformed into a winter wonderland with incredible ski runs, snowboarding, snowshoeing, snow tubing, horse drawn sleighs, and dog sledding that draw people from all over the planet who just want to have a great time. The resort nestled in Olympic Valley, California in the Sierra Nevada was the idea of Wayne Poulsen, a former star skier at the University of Nevada. But it was lawyer Alex Cushing that built it and attracted the Olympics.

These days Andrew Wirth is president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort. A former Rocky Mountain National Parks backcountry and wilderness ranger with over 25 years experience in the hotel and mountain resort industry, Wirth has once again brought Squaw Valley Ski Resort to prominence. Wirth worked with Steamboat Springs Resort and the Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation in a number of marketing and leadership positions for decades before taking over Squaw Valley and has won a wide array of professional and community service awards for his work in the hospitality industry.

Art Collecting Is Like Eating Peanuts

Someone once said: “Art collecting is like eating peanuts, you just can’t stop.” Most art collectors would agree with that statement. Leonard Bernstein said: “Any great work of art revives and readapts time and space, and the measure of its success is the extent to which it makes you an inhabitant of that world.” Bernstein is right. Art does take us on a mental journey, and we land in a place that is filled with wonder. The wonder is a mixture of artists’ strokes, colors and the image they project on the mind. Art is not just aimless expressions. Art is the reality of the artist and the collector. Art is the seer and the seen. Time has no meaning, and space is an endless mixture of dots and dashes that blend into thoughts.

Collectors like Adam Sender know the thrill of being in the moment when they see a new work and it begins to talk to them. Sender has heard the voices that are embedded in countless works of art, and he has done his best to collect as many of them as possible. Adam, a former New York hedge fund manager, turned a passion for collecting into a financial bonanza. For the last two decades Sender has been collecting contemporary art and his collection has been getting a lot of press lately. Check out Adam Sender’s Facebook profile.

Most 20-year-old collections are nowhere near maturity in terms of financial appreciation at that age, but Sender’s collection is an exception. His 400 piece art collection is worth millions, according to art experts. Adam sold some of his art work for $20 million in 2006, and last year he sold more paintings through a Sotheby’s Auction. Sender is still collecting art even though he has sold some of the paintings in his collection. That’s what collectors do. They listen to the voices in new work and they react. Sender has a history of making good choices after he hears those enticing voices.

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