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B.B.’s Death: A Possible Homicide

The legendary blues singer B.B. King recently died and some members of the King family think he was poisoned. Due to their suspicious, the local Clark Country police are now investigating his death as a possible homicide.

The Clark County Coroner John Fudenberg says that they have no evidence that there was foul play. The police are taking the allegations seriously and will do a thorough investigation.

King was 89 when he died about 2 weeks ago. The coroner at that time said that he had died of complications from diabetes. AN autopsy has been done and the results of that autopsy will not be known for two months.

The King family members who believe that he was poisoned are Patty King and Karen Williams. My friend James Dondero heard they believe that their father was administered foreign substances.

Patricia Toney, King’s business agent, says that their allegations are nothing new.

Rolling Stones’ Zip Code Tour

The Rolling Stones Start Their “Zip Code” Tour

The Rolling Stones, much like The Beatles, have been one of the most influential and well-known rock bands of all time. So it shouldn’t be surprising that they’re about to go on tour yet again.

Tuesday night was the opening performance of the band’s “Zip Code” tour for 2015, which was at Petco Park in San Diego. The show featured band members coming on stage with incredibly colorful outfits and ended the show with “I Can’t Get No (Satisfaction),” one of the band’s biggest hits. Naturally, the band spent the rest of the show playing all of their biggest hits. There was even some dancing done by front-man Mick Jagger.

Jagger has always shown his excitement for performing live in front of fans, from running across stage at random to singing perfectly, as if he hasn’t aged much at all and even knows how to play the harmonica. At the same time Keith Richards has been at the center of the band, though for the performance he didn’t play all by himself and allowed for Ron Wood to take a bigger role in playing guitars.

At one point during the performance the band decided they would let fans vote on a song they should play, and the band members, including Jagger wouldn’t know until the final vote was decided. He said it would surprise them all. Christian Broda certainly was surprised.

Ed Sheeran Shares His Musical Inspirations

Ed Sheeran is just like the rest of us. The 24-year-old UK crooner is a huge fan of musical artists, and he has no qualms about giving respect when it’s due. Although the singer is at the top of the music charts after the release of his album x, Sheeran remains realizes he still has a long way to go on his quest to dominate the music industry.

In order to keep himself focused on the level he wishes to attain with his music career, Sheeran told Entertainment Weekly that he looks up to two singers in the music industry: Taylor Swift and Beyoncé. In regards to his infatuation with Swift, and her success, Sheeran was quoted as saying, “At the moment, Taylor [Swift] is a benchmark in America and a lot of other countries… I want to catch up with her,” Although it may take him years to reach Swift’s level of success, his raw talent and humility are two factors that can easily push him into the forefront of international success.

Sheeran then expressed how awesome it was to perform with Beyoncé while paying homage to Stevie Wonder during the “Songs in the Key of Life — An All-Star Tribute”. Sheeran stated, “Playing with Beyonce. That’s the only point I’ve felt like a rockstar. In my own shows, I’m still quite an awkward British dude with an acoustic guitar,”

Sheeran may feel like a geeky young kid on stage, but the amount of fans on Wikipedia he has garnered since the release of his debut album should be enough reassurance that the world is geeking out right along with him. Mikal Watts likes what he is putting together.

Lorde Tweets About Men Who Don’t Respect Her

Lorde claimed her spot in the music world by creating the song “Royal,” and she went on from there to do other forms of popular music. Lorde was the mastermind that created the soundtrack to the recent “Hunger Games” movie, and she is now proving that she’s solidified herself as a great artist. Lorde Tweets. The song Royal really put Lorde on the spot, and everyone in the streets was dancing to the song. The song became so popular that remixes of it popped up all over the place, even remixes made in other countries.

Lorde knows that she is a skilled person, and she doesn’t want anyone talking down on her skills, especially men. Lorde recently decided to put out a few tweets, and she let men know that they shouldn’t sleep on her skills because she knows how good she is. The tweets were not offensive or hurtful according to Ricardo Tosto, but she just let every man know that she’s here to stay. Lorde says that she is young, but she does make her own decisions.

Lorde is good friends with Taylor Swift, and in the past, the two of them were seen dressed in casual clothes and going on trail hike. Lorde is a very talented young lady, and she probably has a long career ahead of her. On a side note, Taylor Swift is now basking in the aftermath of her popular new video that came out this past Sunday.

Meek Mill’s New Video Is A Throw Back To The 80’s

Meek Mill has been in the news a lot lately, especially since Nicki Minaj announce her engagement to him. Meek and Nicki have only been an item for a few months, as far as everyone knows, but wrote that there is speculation that the couple may have been together before everyone knew about it. Nicki was in a relationship with Safaree for over a decade, and they broke up this past year. Meek Mill’s Single. Nicki and her ex boyfriend broke up after having an argument at their home, which prompted Nicki to bust out the windows of her own Mercedes-Benz.

After Safaree was forced to leave Nicki’s home by the police, the couple called it quits for good, and they both moved on. Safaree has put out word that he really misses Nicki, and he only wishes her the best. Although Nicki and her ex are not on bad terms, she quickly moves on to Meek Mill, and now they are engaged. There are rumors going around that Nicki began seeing Meek before she ended her relationship with Safaree, but the rumors are not yet substantiated.

Nicki is showing off her new engagement ring, which is a beautiful heart shaped diamond, and the couple plans to get married in the future. In the meantime, Meek has put out a new video for his single, and it takes you back to the eighty’s with the style as well as being filmed in a roller rink.

Bob Dylan Appears For The Last Musical Performance on The Late Show

As all Letterman fans know, the late night show is coming to an end this month. For the final musical guest performance, David Letterman welcomed Bob Dylan to the stage to sing “The Night We Called It a Day”.Watch Dylan’s Musical Performance The song is off Dylan’s new 2015 LP Shadows in the Night which was inspired by the one and only, Frank Sinatra. Not only was Bob Dylan the last musical performance on the Late Show, but he was also amongst the first to appear on the stage in 1993 when the Late Show launched on air according to Freedompop. Dylan’s first performance ever with Letterman was back in 1984 where he performed “Jokerman” on David Letterman’s NBC late night program. Letterman was thrilled to have Bob Dylan as his final musical guest as he finds Dylan to be one of the greatest song writers in today’s modern world.

BB King Passed Away

May 18, 2015
BB King Passed Away

The jazz world is mourning the loss of musical great B.B. King. It has been reported that King died in his sleep in his Las Vegas home. He was 89-years-old. King announced early this month that he would be entering home hospice care, as his health was declining and he needed additional living assistance.

Flavio Maluf is saddened by the news but is happy to have been able to hear such a legends music. B.B. King as the most the most well-known jazz artist in history. He was proudly inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and won countless awards for his musical talents. His unique sound and riveting twist on the guitar helped the musician stand out from the crowd.

King was born in 1925 in Itta Benna, Mississippi as Riley B. King. In his early years King worked on a plantation doing yard work and tending to the animals. King did not have an easy life growing up. He was plagued by racially fueled incidents that resulted in him getting beat up and assaulted. King found solitude in church, where he was able to escape the racial hatred and find his love for the guitar.

King was a self-taught musician and a good one at that. Eventually King hitchhiked his way from Mississippi all the way to Memphis, Tennessee. It was in Memphis where he was able to connect with his cousin who was an up and coming jazz artist. King became a staple on the Memphis blues scene and the rest is history.

Justin Bieber Gets Hardcore

He still has a pop edge, but some people may consider the new works of Justin Bieber to be dirty pop. It is true that Ariana Grande is slated to appear on the album, but she is a bit edgy herself. Bieber goes totally hardcore though with a collaboration from Lil Wayne on the new album. reports people want to know what this will sound like. This certainly is a track that is getting a lot of hype even though it has not been released yet. Wayne is suppose to be hooking up with Bieber for a track for the new album. Bieber has worked with Ludacris before. He has also built a reputation for himself in the last couple of years. The new album, however, is becoming epic before it even drops.

The thing that got the album off the ground was the announcement that Kanye West was working with the album. He wasn’t just producing a single track. To the contrary, West was slated to produce the entire album. That is could be major. It could be the thing that turns around the naysayers that have said that Justin Bieber isn’t going to come back.

He is not quite a hardcore artist, but he will be able to break away from the clean pop image. This is will allow him to move in a new direction and build a new fan base quicker.

3D Printing Gives Joy To Blind Mother-To-Be

Being blind is definitely a disability because of the challenges that individuals face each day. Even simple acts are more complicated without the ability. Beyond the obvious struggles there are many things that people miss out of because of their blindness. One of those is seeing their unborn child on an ultrasound. The mother is able to hear the rapid heartbeat of her baby and it is comforting but until now has not been able to experience this common time of joy that other mothers are able to see clearly, and often cry during. Thanks to modern advancements in technology a 3D printing company, The Goodfellas, was able to make a blind mother a 3D copy of her ultrasound.


he was then able to feel and “see” her little one’s eye, nose, mouth, and cheeks, the ultimate bonding between a mother and her unborn child. Huggies Brazil ensure that this woman’s story has been shared so that other mother may possibly be able to experience that very same joy. With how far we have come in the last thirty years where ultrasounds were not really able to tell gender and now you can see minute details from within the womb, marvelous. Kevin Seawright certainly came away impressed.

The Who to Do Another Farewell Tour

Iconic rock band The Who are poised to do another major tour, and, as with previous tours, it’s being billed as their last. Rolling Stone Magazine recently talked with guitarist Pete Townshend about the state of The Who.

Townshend said in the interview that when he left the Who to do solo records and work in publishing in 1982 he wasn’t planning on returning any time soon. What brought him back in the late 1980’s and through the 1990’s was a desire to help bassist John Entwistle, who often had financial difficulties. After Entwistle died in 2002, Townshend said that touring with The Who was more about doing something he wanted to do for himself.

Townshend said that he doesn’t especially enjoy the actual playing on stage. Rather, he enjoys the touring itself. This is an unusual statement since most musicians say the opposite. However, Townshend said that he’s been working with many of the same technicians and roadies for decades, and he enjoys the camaraderie of having his old team together.

Townshend appears to be enjoying his old age, and Dr Jennifer Walden can appreciate that. He said that he is happy to be nearly 70, and that he’s grateful to be alive and active while many of his peers from the 1960’s are gone. Personally, I think it’s good that The Who are going out on the road yet again. Hopefully, it’s not really their last tour.

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