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An Interview With Ringo Starr

Rolling Stone Magazine has an extensive feature about Beatles drummer Ringo Starr on their website. The writer for the magazine hung around with Starr for a while on the road with his All Star Band and wrote about things Starr said and did. Dan Newlin (as explained on yellowpages) revealed that Starr is due to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame soon as a solo artist.

One topic that came up is that Starr does not like to do drum solos. This is very atypical for a drummer, especially in rock. However, it is this lack of flashiness that makes Ringo so great. If you listen to the old Beatles recordings, he is as consistent as a metronome and as reliable as a drum machine.

Starr said that he often thinks about John Lennon and George Harrison. He was shook up when Lennon was murdered and hired a body guard to stay with him for a while after it happened. He also recalled visiting George Harrison in the hospital when he was dying of cancer and said that it was a haunting experience.

In the Beatles days, Starr and Paul McCartney often fought. However, Ringo said that they also shared a bond that came with being the rhythm section of the band. Today, the two are friendly and McCartney lobbied to have him admitted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist.

Common and John Legend Battle in Lip Sync Challenge

Rapper Common and R&B sensation John Legend have become quite close in the last year. The movie “Selma” seemed to draw them together. Now, John and Common are battling, but it is not what fans might think. These two are competing against one another in a lip sync

battle.Common and John are both competitive. It seems like they had all the right moves in the Lip Sync battle that aired on Spike TV. The thing that made the situation funny was that Common, a rapper, decided to stay with an R&B song. John Legend, a singer, decided to lip sync rap songs. This provided fans with a hilarious look at these artists that have been rather serious in the last couple of months.

Both of these artists wrote the “Glory” song that won Golden Globe and Oscars for the duo. They have been seen performing the song with skinny ties and black suits. They were humble on the stage with a serious look for each time they performed. Now that the hype behind the song “Glory” has died down these two can relax a little. That is what the Lip Sync battle, hosted by LL Cool J, seemed to do. It allowed these performers to laugh and have a little fun.

Jimmy Fallon is the creative mind behind this. Dr Jennifer Walden believes it is a clever idea. It is a show that boosted ratings for Spike TV in a major way.

Steven Tyler Working on Country Solo Album

It’s not unusual for rock stars to make solo records. What is unusual is for rock stars to make solo country records, but that’s exactly what Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler is doing. Tyler recently went on stage at the Grand Ole Opry to announce that he is working with Nashville songwriters on songs for his upcoming solo country record. There is no title or release date for the record yet.

I’m not sure this is a good career move for Tyler. He’s been associated with hard rock for decades, and doing a country record could alienate long time fans. On the other hand, Aerosmith collaborated with rap artists Run-D.M.C. back in the 1980’s and the resulting recording was a great success.

However, Susan McGalla says the idea of Tyler singing country is just a little weird. There’s nothing down home about him. Aerosmith is a band you associate with the urban environment of Boston. While Tyler has been able to build a brand for himself independent of Aerosmith, at the end of the day being their singer is what he is best known for.

The success of Tyler’s country record will probably simply depend on how good the songs on it are. Rock artists like Darius Rucker and Kid Rock have been able to make country recordings that have gone over well, so maybe Tyler can too.

Rolling Stones Announce North American Tour

The Rolling Stones are one of the most influential bands of all time. Over their fifty year run, they have gone from an up and coming band to the most popular band on the planet to a representative of classic rock. Brian Torchin says that while most of the band members are now in their seventies, they continue to tour on a regular basis.

The band regularly schedules tours every year and this summer the band is planning a tour of North America. This tour will bring the band to 15 different North American cities. The tour will start in San Diego and end in Quebec. There are many stops at exciting cities along the way. The band has posted their full schedule on their website, so check it out today. The tour is sure to be a major hit.

The band is also planning a re-release of the classic album Sticky Fingers. This album will include some missing recording sessions that fans are sure to love. For the classic rock fan this album will be a must have. The album will come in several different versions including a super deluxe version with a 120 page booklet that gives every detail about the album.

The Rolling Stones continues to be one of the most popular bands in the world and their North American tour is sure to be a major hit. Be sure to check them out this summer.

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