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John Textor and the Special Effects Industry

For any lover of movies, they most likely have seen a production John Textor worked on, but never actually realized it. His name does not float around the same way as the top actors or even directors do, but this does not mean he has any less of a hand in making some of the top productions in the world. In fact, many of the more popular pictures that have hit the big screen in the last decade have come under the direct watchful eye of John Textor and, since working and managing the special effects of these different movies, he has also become an executive producer on several major motion pictures, including 2013’s Ender’s Game.

John Textor did not simply start as a person in the entertainment industry. In fact, after his Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from Wesleyan University, he founded the company Wyndcrest Holdings a decade later. This worked as an equity firm out of the state of Florida, and while it did touch a bit upon the entertainment field, it focused primarily on the Internet and telecommunications. However, two years later John Textor became the direct of The Parent Company and BabyUniverse, both of which are Internet retailers for children’s clothing, toys and other products. None of these really have a strong tie into the entertainment business, but he continued to move forward as, by 2006, he became the chairman and CEO of Digital Domain.

Digital Domain and its parent company, Digital Domain Media Group, provide visual effects for some of the largest productions in the entire world. In fact, some of the different visual effect movies John Textor directly worked on includes Tron: Legacy, Priates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and the original Transformers movie. However, it was his work that brought him the Academy Award for creating a fully digital human that proved extremely believable in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

He took this creativity on producing a digital, yet believable human, to product several holograms of former celebrities and to make them appear as if they are truly life like and dancing on stage. He created the Tupac Shakur rap and dancing hologram for the Coachella Valley Music Festival in 2012, and then the Michael Jackson hologram for the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. Now, he is also working on several other celebrities to have these holograms work for in the near future.

Steive Nicks- Fleetwood Mac Legend Looks Back

This month’s issue of “Rolling Stone Magazine” features Steive Nicks, vocalist of the Legendary Fleetwood Mac. Read the full article here. She is also featured on the cover of this months issue as well, and she looks stunning at sixty-six years old. The interview with Steive details a look back of her forty-eight year carrier spanning a life of ups and downs. The interview ranges from serious subjects, like her drug abuse and failed relationships, to a bit of light-hearted insight into her shopping habits. We get a look into Steive Nicks personal life, including her complex relationship with ex-lover and old Fleetwood Mac band mate, Lindsey Buckingham.

Though the article is brief it is great to see that Steive Nicks seems to be doing well, in fine heath and in great spirits. Though this might seem expected from one of the greatest living rock pioneers, known for her solo carrier as much as for her contribution to Fleetwood Mac. Fans of Stevie over at Slow Ventures are excited to check out the issue.

Rick Rubin Will Work With Justin Bieber For New Album in 2015

Scooter Braun , the manager of the Justin Bieber has published a new photo of Rick Rubin on Instagram. This newly posted photo has proof that Bieber has selected the singer to work with for his next album.

The new photo has uploaded on January 14 and Justin Bieber has already had a studio session on Tuesday night with Rubin. He has hired the singer in order to put an urban flavor to the album’s music.

Rubin has already worked with the big stars including Eminem, Kanye West, Dave and Brit Morin, Lady GaGa, Lana Del Rey and Jay-Z and more. In addition he offered $2 million for only 30 second gay porn movie too.

Justin was in the top of the headlines just few days ago for a underwear ads but the recent pictures shows that the bulging muscles were not real.

In addition, has also posted some pictures where Justin had small muscle bulge. However, the fake picture posting results in threat from Justin. As a result, he will take action against the website for posting the fake pictures with apology.

Responding to the threat, the site has published a written apology for the fake pictures of young singer.

Madonna’s Tying Up Loose Ends in New Album

The heart speak louder than the mouth. Madonna’s new album titled, Rebel Heart features a new low, even for Madonna. The star uses past, Black Icons like Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King Jr., to gain attention and create traffic to her new album.

Having the icons on the album is not the problem at all for Igor Cornelsen, but rather the manner in which the images are placed on the album. The album went viral on twitter, and of course Madonna got lots of feedback. Although, it was not the kind of feedback she was looking for.

The images were the faces of these famous icons, wrapped by a black cord. The images were totally disrespectful to Bob Marley, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King Jr. In her defense, Madonna stated she is not at all prejudice, nor was she trying to make a racist statement. Nevertheless, the damage to her image had already been tarnished, once the images hit twitter.

With the nation still in recovery from the killing of black males, tension is still high, and wounds are still fresh. Madonna may have meant no harm in posting those images, but she has done so at the expense of others and of her career. On Twitter, fans speaks out on their discontent of what Madonna did. They feel that the images she posted are a show of total disrespect. Madonna has a lot of apologizing to do.

Kelly Clarkson Gives Clues About New Album

Kelly Clarkson was the very first winner of American Idol, and she is one of the most successful winners from the show to this day. Kelly Clarkson Album. Not only is she still a popular artist, but she continues to make music, although she has been on a bit of a break for a while now. Kelly was married not too long ago, and she also had a child, so she has many things to focus on, besides her music. Although family life is great, Kelly has been hounded by her fans, asking about a new album.

Kelly released a great album in 2011, and in 2013 she came out with a Christmas album, but many are expecting another full-length album from the artist. Igor Cornelsen is just one of those fans. Recently, Kelly made some comments that gave clues about an upcoming album, and what may be on it. Kelly stated that her upcoming album will be a pop album, but she also expects to touch on other genres such as country, R&B, and rock music. Kelly has been so popular in music, that many may forget how well she can really sing, and that she can easily take on any genre.

It will be exciting to see what the new album entails, as many of her fans are already anticipating the upcoming album, especially after her comments on Twitter. Kelly also mentions Dr. Dre on a possible single, which further excited her eagerly waiting fans.


The Blueprint to the PinkPrint

The “PinkPrint” did not come out of nowhere. Fans have been anticipating it, but Nicki had to follow a blueprint to get to this album. She led fans to the type of explicit and sexual material that would become what is now the “PinkPrint.” Fans just had to pay attenton to what Nicki was doing.

She ravished fans with a sexual outfit that captivated her large male audience on the August Aslina “No Love” remix. The deluxe version of the “PinkPrint” would come with a calendar that would give fans even more of the bodacious body that was seen in this video. This was also a chance for R&B fans to hear Nicki sing a little bit. Fans would hear even more singing once the full “PinkPrint” album was finally released so this song definitely paved the way for that.

Another track that sparked attention to Nicki in 2014 was the freestyle to the “No Flex Zone” single, which Jared Haftel liked quite a bit. This made Nicki hot in the urban market and on Facebook when it seemed like she had completely gone pop. Nicki has the ability to fine tune and manage her crossover appeal well. This track – along with the Juicy J track “Low” – gave Nicki that hood appeal that she needed to stay connected with the streets.

It was in “Bang Bang” with Jessie J. that she gathered her pop fans. David Guetta gave her an electronic audience.

Love and Hip Hop Star Suspended

The “Puertan Rican Princess” temper has got the best of her and this time her pockets will feel the pain. On Friday Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Joseline Hernandez will not be appearing in the first four episodes in the show’s upcoming fourth season according to sources.

During the last season reunion show, the “Puertan Rican Princess” had attacked three co-stars, Mimi Faust, Tammy Rivera, and Althea Heart, and create a big brawl along with her husband Stevie J. The clip of the fight is posted on Youtube.
Many fans and critics such as Dr. Rod Rohrich were angry and wanted the reality star to be fired from the show, but the producers are handling the situation another way. Mona Scott Young, the main producer of the show, stated that violence will not be encouraged. She made the decision to suspend the star without pay. The show is one of the top rated programs on VH1, and she (Young) does not want the same events to happen again on another reunion show. Joseline Herandez may lose some money, but she hasn’t lost her spot on the show.
Madonna Apology for Album Art

Madonna is a legendary musician but this still does not excuse her for her recent actions. The musician recently released some of her album artwork which consisted of defiling the faces of Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela. Their faces were basically covered with wire and were chosen because they were “rebels”; her album title is “Rebel Love”. These images have outraged many especially with the coming of MLK weekend. For a while, it seemed as though the singer had no remorse until she sort of apologized by saying she was not comparing herself to these figures. However later she apologized by saying she did not mean to compare herself to anyone, had no racist intent, and truly admires their work as social justice icons. Here is a link talking about what she had to say on the situation with the full apologizes.

Madonna made those images to be edgy but probably not to be racist, at least in the eyes of Tom Rothman. Those two faces are known around the world and they are well known for stance against society, it is just a coincidence that both are black. It was very offensive what she did but she made an apology stating how sorry she was and did not mean for it to be interpreted the way it was by people. She had the best of intentions, she just should have thought about her actions more before making it so public.

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