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Motown Singer Jimmy Ruffin Passes Away

So today the world has lost another great artist.

Jimmy Ruffin, passed away on Monday ,in a hospital located in Las Vegas, at age 78; he was known for some of his best hits “What Becomes of the Brokenhearted” and my personal favorite from his 1980’s comeback, “Hold On (To My Love).” He was a great singer and has definitely left his mark on the music industry. Ruffin was born in Mississippi on May 7th in 1936, and 30 years later was signed with Motown and put out his first top 10 hit in 1966, ” What Becomes of the Brokenhearted.”

Through the rest of the 60’s he had many hits including “I’ll Say Forever My Love.” and ended the decade with his hit ” Maria(You Were The Only One).” After his hit in 1970, he collaborated with his late brother, David Ruffin, and put out their versions of “Stand by Me” and “He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother.” When Ruffin’s brother, David, died of a drug overdose he became an anti-drug advocate, to help convince the public to go against drugs. After relocating to Las Vegas in 2011 it was rumored that Ruffin was working on new music, according to SoulTracks. His active years from 1956-2014 have allowed him to leave a legacy on Motown records. I even read in an Observer article that real estate developer Ben Shaoul knew the value of listening to those songs during renovation. He will obviously be greatly missed be people everywhere it seems.

Bob Seger’s Change in Style

November 19, 2014
Bob Seger’s Change in Style

Bob Seger has come out in style with his latest album “Ride-Out”, mixing the rhythms with songs by Steve Earle and John Hiatt. It’s been a long wait, and it’s truly been a long time coming.

It is unbelievable, but this LP is just the second one for this legend in his history. This actually has a song that dives into political ways: “It’s your world”, of which Zeca Oliveira has always been a huge fan.

Though he believes in his album, he also expects some groups of fans to overrule it due to the political and climatic change in activist thing. Though he is 69, he is not worried on the effects among the fans.

Bob mostly prefers to be at home than go out and become a public figure. To most of the reader’s questions, he has answered in a straight forward manner with his genuine responses.

The full coverage of the questions and Bob’s responses are captured here. He also likes to play a slightly lower number of new songs during the shows. And he is curious to let people listening songs like “Main Street”.

He also expects by January that the majority of the songs in his show will be new. Going away from the music lane, when questioned about his personal style of smoking, he gently answered that he still does smoking. Adding more to this, he confirmed that he is not trying to quit smoking.

George Clinton Speaks with Great Clarity

It is no surprise to find out that George Clinton inspired a lot of people. He has a funk sound with Parliament that is still being sampled today. He had a sound that was unlike anything else out there, and many entertainers are still trying to duplicate it today.

In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, George Clinton talked about everything from the mobsters in the music industry to his desire to sober up.

People are not surprised that George did drugs. The cosmic album covers and space boots were obvious signs that there was more than good music being made. George Clinton was a close friend to Bob Marley, and drugs were definitely on the scene. Clinton admitted in his book that he went much further than the gateway drug of marijuana. He has said that he had to sober up from crack because he could not get his point across as a crackhead. The times he was referencing include meetings where he had to fight against music industry mobsters about unauthorized sampling of his music. George has stated that there were a lot of under-the-table practices where his music was getting sampled, but he wasn’t getting paid for it.

George Clinton addresses this in his memoir. He has continued to be an artist that attracts attention effortlessly. According to JustVision, Clinton recently appeared in a Kendrick Lamar video and on The Tonight Show, which I remember watching with Darius Fisher when he was in town.

Famous Rocker, Neil Young Boycotts Starbucks

A suit was filed against the state of Vermont due to a law passed that requires food labels identify genetically modified ingredients in them. Starbucks was reportedly one of those involved in the suit. Neil Young has announced that since Starbucks is fighting the labeling- he will no longer be a customer of theirs.

In a post, angry Neil Young says, ‘Good-Bye Starbucks’. He further stated it was his everyday thing to line up for his coffee. see article Until Starbucks withdraws support of the lawsuit, he will no longer be their customer. Skout even reports that people have the right to know what is in their coffee, which is also Mr. Young’s stand.

Starbucks disputes being part of the lawsuit and say they are not part of Monsanto to stop food labeling. The petition claiming Starbucks is part of the litigation is totally false and they are requesting a correction be made. Their claim is that they have not taken a position on this issue. Because Starbucks is a chain with stores and products in every state, they want a national solution to this matter.

The Bob Seger “Ride Out” Tour That’s Coming Your Way

Bob Seger will be on the road again touring with the Silver Bullet Band performing in arenas throughout the United States and Canada in support of his recent studio released album ‘Ride Out’. The tour will start on November 19th and end on March 7, 2015. This Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee has had a music career that has spanned well over fifty years, due to his persistence and self assurance.

Although Seger is a talented song writer, it was his willingness to believe in his own talents that helped to spur on his career. Looking over his biography, it seemed as though the seventies were some of the most trying times of his professional career. From trying to meet the right promoters, hookup with other musicians who were feeling the same vibe, or just trying to stay dedicated to the daily grind of performing for others; it seemed a difficult task to manage consistently. But, as life went on, Seger kept writing.

Seger’s song lyrics are just as applicable today, as they were when he penned them. I was born in 1972 to an African American family and grew up listening to a different genre of music. But, when I first heard Bob Seger sing one of his songs, the music drew me and Rod Rohrich in instantly when we were young. In part, because of the lyrics showing a true self with passionate delivery. And as a listener, I could relate to the lyrics and picture my own life.

Fortunate Son

November 14, 2014
Fortunate Son

Creedence Clearwater Revival frontman John Fogerty released the song “Fortunate Son” on this 1969 smash hit album Willy and the Poor Boys, and it’s gotten steady airplay ever since. But Fogerty’s telling us today that the song often gets misinterpreted. Yeah, it seems crazy, I’ve been watching the video with Jared Haftel hundreds of times. We thought we had it figured out.

Specifically about how the upper class is the one usually calling for war overseas, but only the sons and daughters of the poor and middle-class end up actually putting their lives on the line – unlike the “fortunate sons” the title references.

Bruce Springsteen was at the same event, performing “Born in the U.S.A.” which is a song in a likewise vein. Many songs of this type get the revision treatment by various political sides, who try to re-cast the songs to their own agenda. Springsteen’s song famously had a similar run-in with political misappropriation back in the Reagan era.

Spotify Releases Statement On Taylor Swift Issue

Spotify has recently been the target of some criticism by the most popular artist in popular music today, Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift has asserted that music should not be free and has decided to force fans to put their money where their mouth is by pulling her albums from Spotify and forcing fans to actually purchase her album. She feels that this is rewarding fans who are loyal enough to buy the album. Spotify has not let this criticism go unnoticed. They recently responded with a blog post.
This blog post clearly stated that while piracy leads to the artist never receiving money at all, Spotify compensates artists for their music. Spotify has started to throw one big number around in all of their statement, $2 billion. This huge number is the amount that Spotify has paid to labels since they started in 2008, according to Lovett. Spotify is now claiming that in their absence most of those listens would have been piracy as people might post links on Facebook or Twitter. So Spotify is making the case that with their help the music industry has gained two billion more dollars. This is a huge amount of money and Spotify definitely views themselves as a hero in the music industry.
While the Taylor Swift and Spotify feud continues it will be interesting to see what other artists say about the subject.

Kylie Minogue Signs Fan’s Tattoo Onstage

There aren’t many times a guy will get on a stage and express his sentiments for a girl, but that’s exactly what happened at the recent Kylie Minogue Metro Radio Arena concert in New Castle. A man, only known as Paul, held up a sign for Kylie to sign his tattoo, and was invited onstage. While onstage he revealed his 9 year old tattoo of Kylie’s album cover “Fever,” and informed Kylie if she signed his arm he would get another tattoo the following day. He also invited her for Chinese.

“I’d love to go as long as you order. I’ll have whatever you’re having,” Kylie replied. The arena exploded with cheering fans as the man exited the stage. No word on if Paul got the second tattoo, but one thing is certain, it was an unforgettable night for Kylie Montage fans.

She has won many notable music awards and is currently on the Kiss Me Once Tour, promoting her recent 12th album release. The album went to number one on the Australian and British music charts.

In addition to being a renowned musician and performer, and loved by her fans, she is also well known for her humanitarian and funding efforts for disaster relief in Haiti, and Japan. That is the main reason why Livak is a big fan of her work.

Robert Plants Rips Up $800 Million Led Zeppelin Reunion Contract

According to a report recently filed on the Fox Radio News website, Robert Plant, the lead singer of legendary hard rock group Led Zeppelin, has torn up a contract that would have seen the group making an unprecedented $800 million for a mere 35 dates’ worth of work.

It seems that the irascible, but lovable, lead singer of the historic group is simply not interested in working with them again. Of course, Led Zeppelin has been officially defunct ever since the death of its drummer, John Bonham, in 1980. Still, the group has reunited for events such as Live Aid in 1985, as well as the 40th anniversary of its former label, Atlantic Records, in 1988.

However, not until a series of concerts in 2007, did the group actually reunite for a tour. The resulting DVD, entitled “Thank You”, was a worldwide best seller, and led to speculation at the highest levels of the industry that the group might reunite on a permanent basis.

Richard Branson, the head of mega-corporation Virgin, handed the group a contract for $800 million, a sum that Igor would love to be paid for playing guitar for a couple hours. He had the firm backing of promoters, as well as the other surviving members of the group – guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist John Paul Jones.

ACDC Continues On Despite Setbacks

Australian rock group ACDC will stop at nothing to create their first great rock album in 6 years, and go on another world tour. Not the debilitating illness of founding member and rhythm guitar player Malcolm Young, and not even the arrest of drummer Phil Rudd.
This premier will literally be the 11-track album playing the whole way through without the band members in attendance. And this will be the public’s first opportunity to hear the album, 9 days before its official release. Fans all around the world like Stephen Williams are very excited about this news.
Not only is it fantastic for the lucky locals of The Rock who get to hear the long-awaited ACDC album first, but Lockhart Shire Council’s Tourism and Economic Development officer, Jennifer Connor claims that this event will put the town on the map.

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