Just like other celebrities who denounced Donald Trump, George Soros had nothing good to say about Trump during the 45-minute interview at the World Economic Forum in Davos. The Hedge fund billionaire not only gave views on the global market but also the U.S. political Scene. He criticized Trump and other political leaders on their contribution to the global market.
Talking to Bloomberg Tv’s Francine Lacqua, George Soros hit political and economic news headlines by saying Donald Trump is doing the work of ISIS. This was explained by Trump’s anti-immigrant vitriol, which has been the hallmark of his campaign. Candidates like Ted Cruz were also not spared but Hillary Clinton was George’s soft spot in the political scene. He said Hillary would win the general elections in a landslide.
Soros went ahead to say that Trump’s idea of closing U.S borders to Muslims might leave no option for the Muslim community but terrorism. Brushing through his childhood life, George Soros on Forbes said migrants were treated better those days. After World War II, George fled Hungary and found refuge in England for fifteen years. It is here that he got his education. Later he moved to the U.S. where he launched his investing career in 1950s.
Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, was blamed for letting refugees in the country. However, George Soros was hopeful that the Iraqi and Syrian governments will soon win secure the territories acquired by ISIS.
Back to the global economy, Janet Yellen and her peers at the Federal Reserve were attacked for their mistake of raising interest rates in December. George Soros argued that the Fed’s hike should have happened a year ago since it only closed opportunities and diminished returns. He added that since ECB resisted inflation threats and a recession, European Central Bank would concentrate on new round of easing. He concluded that China will not collapse but will face challenges. He said quantitative easing saved the world from deflation and suggested another portion of the same to Europe. This information was published on Forbes as posited in the link below http://www.forbes.com/sites/antoinegara/2016/01/21/billionaire-hedge-fund-mogul-george-soros-donald-trump-is-doing-the-work-of-isis/#6e2283d82f7c
George Soros, born in Budapest in 1930, is a graduate of the London School of Economics. He gained his fame in 1992 when his net worth hit $1 billion from his hedge fund investment. Being a benefactor, the black students in apartheid South Africa were a target of his philanthropy when he started funding them through the Open Society in 1979. The Open Society foundations operate in more than 100 countries today with the annual expenditure of $835 million in 2011. He is the Chairman and Founder of Open Society. George Soros is also a renowned author. This information was mentioned on georgesoros.com as found in the following link http://www.georgesoros.com/the-life-of-george-soros/

Utilizing the BMG Firm with Its Executive Marcio Alaor

Living in Brazil is great for those who are proud to call this gorgeous area their home. While Brazil is a wonderful place to live, lots of people are finding that they need to find a bank that works well for them. One of the best banks in the area is known as BMG and one of its executives is Marcio Alaor. Marcio Alaor has a lot of experience with banking and owning a company, so he is a wonderful asset to the corporation and all that it offers to its many clients and customers.

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George Soros Addresses The Immigration Crisis in Europe

For many years, people in financial markets have viewed George Soros as an authority on geopolitical issues. His opinions carry great weight with many international leaders. The former money manager follows current events closely. He often speaks about this topic.

During a recent (revised) interview on FX Street with German reporter Gregor Peter Schmitz, the widely respected financier and investment banker touched upon Angela Merkel’s role as an important leader in a prominent European nation. He also discussed the immigration crisis facing the EU. An article at FXStreet attributed to Srimoyee Pandit entitled “George Soros feels Germany’s Merkel ‘is key to solving’ the migrant crisis” addressed this conversation in some detail.

A Genuine Crisis

The massive influx of economic and political refugees into Europe has generated considerable media attention during the past few weeks. Tragically, some people have perished at sea while attempting to reach EU nations from other parts of the world. Entire families have sought to escape from conditions in Syria and other Asian, African and Middle Easter nations. Many have sought to journey to countries located within the European Union.

European leaders have struggled to find ways to respond to the immigration crisis effectively. George Soros agrees with Angela Merkel that this social issue represents a crisis for the European Union. He has expressed support for the ideals and principles of a genuinely open society, and he views the EU as an opportunity for Europe to embrace those values.

Overcoming Hardships

Mr. Soros confided during the interview with Mr. Schmitz that while he frequently disagrees with Chancellor Merkel about political and economic issues, he feels very supportive of her as an individual because they both share a personal history that involved overcoming oppression.

As a young man, he survived the Nazi occupation of Hungary during the Second World War, a very disruptive and violent period of history. The government of Hungary cooperated with Germany in resisting the Soviet Union during the global conflict. He now regards his experiences during the years of WWII as the most formative in his lifetime.

Mr. Soros observed that Angela Merkel, the daughter of a pastor, also experienced difficult conditions during her childhood. During her youth, Germany had been divided into Eastern and Western nations, with East Germany rigidly controlled by a totalitarian Communist regime.

Addressing The Immigration Crisis

George Soros and Angela Merkel both agree that the EU fails to address the immigration crisis at its peril. Mr. Soros views the conflict currently raging in Syria as the cause of the recent surge in immigration to the EU.

He expressed the hope that European Union leaders would develop a plan to address the issue of political asylum seekers comprehensively. He argues that a truly comprehensive solution to this issue must extend beyond the borders of Europe itself, so that it will also address the needs of migrants living outside of the EU.

The Future

Unfolding events in Syria continue to contribute to the EU’s immigration crisis. Handling this issue will challenge European leaders.

Is it 2008 All Over Again? That’s What George Soros Predicts


From the 1970s until now, George Soros has built a multi-billion dollar empire. Therefore, many investors turn to him for investment advice. However, not all economists agree with his latest prediction.

Soros speaks of signs that another recession like the one that took place in 2008 might occur. For instance,Bloomberg reports trade halts and declining currency value in China. Furthermore, the Dow Jones Industrial average fluctuated drastically since October before reaching its -392.41 crash on January 7, 2016. According to The Daily Mail, plummeting stock values were the lowest they had been in about three months.

Asian stock market indexes also declined within the first week of January. Likewise, evidences of possible global economic fallout were also prevalent in NASDAQ and S&P 500 indexes during this same period. Economists are still investigating this matter, but currently the main cause seems to be the devaluation of the Chinese yuan. In fact, this country had stopped trade twice during the same week as the January 7 crash.

It’s times like these that often make investors nervous. As a result, George Soros started warning people that another 2008 market crash could be coming. However, is there really enough evidence to support another possible recession? Determining this usually requires looking at several factors that could trigger a sudden economic change.

For instance, The Economist reports that the United States manufacturing ISM index right now reads at about 48.2, which is not far from the standard 50-point level expected. However, it seems that economists would be more concerned if this number were to drop to 45 or less. Currently, a more important concern is the fact that China’s debt-to-GDP level has risen by 50 percent within the past four years. The fear that other Asian countries will also devalue their currencies also seems to be very real right now.

On the other hand, it seems that the services sectors in the United States are doing quite well. There is even signs of increased employment in these fields. Furthermore, Germany experienced a modest 1.5 percent increase in new orders in November. In addition, there is now an increased awareness of the reckless spending that took place in 2008 as related to obtaining loans for various reasons despite credit history.

George Soros might be onto something – that investors need to be cautious. His hugest concern is not necessarily what will happen, but rather he is keeping an eye out for what could happen. As a world-renowned hedge funds investor, his opinion on the economy seems to be well-respected.

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You Can’t Fund A Hashtag: George Soros and #BlackLivesMatter


Recently, Ben Collins wrote for the The Daily Beast that a director of Open Society Foundation had announced that, contrary to popular rumor, George Soros, the liberal billionaire, had not donated $33 million to #BlackLivesMatter. Said rumor had begun after #BlackLivesMatter protests disrupted speeches by Presidential candidates Jeb Bush and Bernie Saunders in July.

On July 28, Bill O’Reilly, the host of Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor, said “So who’s funding Black Lives Matter? One of the big donors seems to be George Soros, our old pal, who gives big money to affiliates of Black Lives Matter—groups that do direct business with them. Also giving money directly to the group [are] entertainers Jay Z and Beyoncé.”

O’Reilly’s guest that day was Kelly Riddell, a reporter for The Washington Times. She had written an investigative report about Soros’ ties to left-wing organizations. She claimed that #BlackLivesMatter had been founded by three women employed by organizations bankrolled by the Open Society Foundations. Riddell also stated that Soros had “dedicated $33 million to these types of organizations” in a single year. O’Reilly then speculated that the money had gone to activists “who are organized to disrupt” and who would target the Republican convention in Cleveland.

Ken Zimmerman, the director of US programs of the Open Society Foundations, declared the rumors to be wrong. He added that the Open Society Foundation does not fund protests, and he pointed out that it would be impossible to fund “an amorphous movement” like #BlackLivesMatter even if Soros had wanted to.

#BlackLivesMatter was created by three activists, Opal Tometi, Alicia Garza, and Patrisse Cullors who rallied together on Twitter in the wake of the death of Trayvon Martin and the acquittal of his killer. The women came up with the Black Lives Matter hashtag as a way of calling attention to the violent deaths of young black Americans. That phrase and hashtag stroke a cord with people especially after the deaths of Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Eric Garner and Tamir Rice, who had all been killed by policemen.

The three founders of #BlackLivesMatter had not known about the disruption of Saunders’ speech until after the fact. The two protestors, Mara Willaford and Marissa Johnson, had not claimed any official ties to the movement before the day of the speech.

According to Investopedia, George Soros first became involved in philanthropy in 1979 when he began giving scholarships to black students in South Africa which was then under apartheid. In the 1990s, Soros established the Open Society Foundation, a network of projects and organizations that now operates in over 100 countries. The Foundation is governed by the beliefs that governments need to be accountable and respect peoples’ rights and that no one entity or person has a monopoly on the truth. OSF programs in the US are typically concerned with such issues as end-of-life care, immigration reform and drug legalization.

Buy The Right Foods For Your Dog With Beneful

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Busy Moms Find Home Cleaning Services

Being a mom means assuming many roles in many cases. In a single day, a mom might help her youngest get dressed and then march off to the preschool bus, assist her older child with making breakfast and provide her high school daughter with assistance on her English homework and creating a cheer leading costume. Many mothers do all of these tasks in between working a full time job and trying to tend to others needs of the household such as making doctor’s appointments and walking the dog. Many mothers find it hard to do all they need to do in any given week.

This is why the right kind of help can be ideal for their needs. In many instances, they can get help from a cleaning service. Having a Handy cleaning service on hand allows a mother to focus on other things that may be more important to her such as making homemade meals and cheering on her daughter as she plays a local soccer match. A cleaning company can also be use for a mom when she is giving a dinner for the family such as Christmas or Thanksgiving. She can pay attention to creating the perfect gravy and have a bathroom she knows is clean at the same time.

Finding the right kind of cleaning company is not always easy. A busy mom may not have the time to spend looking for cleaning companies that meet all of her requirements. This is what the creators of an app devoted to this purpose know very well. This is why many mothers look for help from Handy. Handy was designed by users who wanted to have a list of cleaning companies they knew they could rely on at all times. Handy allows the user to conduct a search for a cleaning company using highly specific parameters. People can download the app and have instant access to hundreds of cleaning companies in their immediate area. They can pick and choose the kind of cleaning they want done and know that the companies on venturebeat.com they see here will be able to do it for them when they want to have to done at a price that is mutually agreeable to both of the parties involved in the transaction.

This kind of freedom can be ideal for the busy mom. Busy moms often lack the time to look for a cleaning company that can clean their home. They may not have the time to locate a company that can come to their house each week in order to help make sure the toy room is clean or to help them stay on top of the mess that an older teenager can make after a party. Working with this app can help them locate the right cleaning company from Handy on twitter for their needs and make their lives much easier, allowing them to devote their time to tending to their kid’s needs rather than to worrying that they need to set aside time to clean the bathroom.

Stay In Apartments When You Visit London For More Accessibility And Comfort

London is one of the largest cities in the world, and yet it holds a charm that dates back to the Roman Empire. The city is an eclectic collection of new contemporary mixed with areas that are from the 1400s. London is a beautiful city and worthy of its Queen, and every year over 15 million tourists visit the tourist attractions and museums here in this regal city. Tourism is one of London’s leading industries, and it is a favorite vacation spot for many tourists.

As a visitor of London, finding the right place to stay while you’re in the city is not difficult when you use the excellent and experienced services of London Escape and World Escape. They are residents of London, so they know the best lodging and sights to see while you are here.

Staying in Furnished Apartments While Visiting London

The key to ultimately enjoying every day you are on vacation is to find or reserve lodging that is comfortable and convenient to the sights you are interested in. The best place to stay is in an apartment instead of trying to manage your time and money in Bed & Breakfasts or impersonal hotels and motels.

London Escape and World Escape have a wide variety to choose from, and they accommodate groups of all sizes and traveling budgets. You simply decide on the area of London where you would like to centralize your activities, and let the two services do their jobs. They will also fill you in on all the attractions.

Unlike hotels, motels, hostels or old fashioned Bed & Breakfasts, when you rent an apartment for your trip in London, you’ll feel like you are really living in the city and not just visiting. Apartments come in all sizes, one, two, three bedrooms or more, and they are furnished with everything you need for a stay. By renting a local apartment, you will be able to cook and prepare snacks at any time instead of waiting for the establishment to open. You will be able to come in and relax in between your excursions knowing that no one has been in to refresh your room.

Whether you prefer the more basic places or this is a holiday to remember and you’d prefer luxury accommodations, World Escape and London Escape are ready to find the perfect apartment for you and your party.


November 12, 2015

Yeonmi Park is a remarkable young woman.In her life, she has been through a lot of bad experiences that she managed to survive to share her story on Youtube and speak out. At the young age of 22 years, she has dedicated herself to speaking against the violation of human rights in North Korea and calling for action. Born on October 4, 1993, in Hyesan, Ryanggang Province in North Korea. Her father was a civil servant while her mother was a nurse. She defected from North Korea and were at the moment a citizen of South Korea. The authority caught her father for selling metals to China and sent off to a labor camp. With her father in prison, their lives turned for the worse they lost their prominence and wealth. Yeonmi and her mother escaped from North Korea into China. They escaped in search of freedom and to get away from Kim Jong-Un the country’s current leader who governs North Korea with dictatorship. Park’s older sister Eunmi had left for China before them and after arrival they sort out looking for her. Unfortunately in their search they fell into the hands of human traffickers. Her father arrived later in South Korea and was diagnosed with colon cancer shortly after which he died. They were not able to conduct a proper funeral for him to avoid detection by the authorities in China. After enduring a lot of suffering in China, they eventually fled to South Korea. They escaped through Mongolia and finally made it to South Korea. Yeonmi has been quoted saying that she couldn’t believe they had made it, that the guards hadn’t halted their entry into South Korea. These were because she had trouble before where guards refused to let them through. They were lucky to find jobs as waitresses or shop assistants as adjusting to South Korea was not easy. After going through numerous traumatic events, it was hard, especially for Yeonmi. It was in April 2006 that Yeonmi and her mother were reunited with her sister Eunmi. She had managed to escape to South Korea. Park is a student at Dongguk University where she studies criminal Justice. Following her experiences, Yeonmi Park of yeonmi.net was disconcerted, and she became a human rights activists. She caught the attention of the world because of her relentless courage to raise her voice on violation of human rights. She has openly shared her story to give people a glimpse of horrors that go on and capture their attention in doing something about it. She has done several interviews with magazines and newspapers and has appeared on a few television shows. She believes that there can be the change in North Korea if she keeps on advocating for human rights. She also believes in the possibility that North Korea and South Korea can be unified. She is currently writing a book and continues to speak for those who cannot do it for themselves. Yeonmi Park is a voice of her people.

Sergio Cortes Does Honor To The King Of Pop
Royalty is a perplexing situation these days. In most contexts royalty amounts to an inherited honorary title. It has little to do with either influence or achievement. But there’s a whole other realm of personal accomplishment which has taken on these titles of old. In particular, one can find that most noble titles have some presence within the art world. Perhaps the best example of this can be found with two men. One is Michael Jackson, and the other is MJ Impersonator Sergio Cortes. One is best known as the king of pop. The other has survived him in order to keep the legend alive. In some ways Sergio Cortes might be seen as heir apparent to the throne. But part of what makes their relationship so interesting and dynamic is the fact that their legend is one of earned honors and accolades.

It’s certainly true that both people were born into a position which would help them later on in life. Jackson was born into a family that could nurture and promote his talent in the Jackson 5. Cortes was born with a natural resemblance to Jackson which became more and more remarkable the older he became. But part of which joins both in a common fate together is the fact that they were so willing and able to push forward on their own merit. Jackson struck out on his own and blossomed in the role.

Cortes has a somewhat more complex backstory. He grew up with Jackson as a legend in his life. It’s difficult to grow up looking so much like another person without receiving a bit of that same attention. And Sergio certainly did receive quite a bit of attention. It began at home as his mother commented on his resemblance to Jackson at a very early age. One might even wonder if this could be one of his earliest memories, given how young he was. But whatever place it has in his story, one can certainly be sure that it marked a turning point in how others saw him. He quickly became known for his resemblance. To the point where even reporters took notice. Cortes decided to turn physical resemblance into an art, just as Jackson honed his own talents. And after careful study of Jackson’s entire life and demeanor Sergio Cortes was able to perfectly mimic both performance and personal life. With Jackson’s passing, one might well wonder if Sergio Cortes has worked his way into the dynasty of Jackson’s art.

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