Totally awesome lip balm

August 15, 2016

Looking for a totally awesome lip balm? Now your search is over. Evolution of Smooth lip balm is jam packed with vitamin E, Shea butter, and jojoba oil to soften and moisturize your lips. And if that doesn’t make you want to jump out of your sit to go get some maybe knowing that its 95% organic and only cost $3.48 will get you hopping.
EOS lip balm come in many different flavors. The flavors range from sweet mint to lemon drop. Whatever flavor you want, either fruity or minty, you can find it with Evolution of Smooth lip balm. If you can’t make up your mind of what flavor you want then you can get EOS lip balm assorted flavors for only $11.39. You can also get shimmer, smooth, or stick version of their lip balm. They make lip balm for all taste or style for a variety of people. Purchase it from Walmart. Or get it delivered to you, place your order on Amazon today.

This lip balm is totally awesome. It’s a great brand that can moisten and smooth out your lips. With this hypoallergenic lip balm, you can pick whatever flavor, size, or style you want. With their variety of lip balm they can satisfy customers wants and needs in their lip balm. So if you want to start using lip balm, EOS is the place to start. Visit their website:


Adam Goldenberg Explains the Reasons behind JustFab’s Incredible Growth

The co-founder and co-CEO of JustFab, Adam Goldenberg believe that 2016 is going to be a big year for the company. For a man who has experienced several good years in his career, he is well aware of what a good year entails. Mr. Adam Goldenberg sold his two-year-old gaming network Gamer’s Alliance to Intermix Media in 1999. By 2006, he was the founder of Internet brand incubator Intelligent Beauty which was the platform that led to the start of JustFab.

JustFab is a brand that has already gained much attraction which shows that the prediction of Mr. Goldenberg was right. In 2013 alone, JustFab was able to raise a capital of $55 million on VB Profiles. The funding enabled the brand to acquire shoe discovery service ShoeDazzle. Besides acquiring ShoeDazzle, JustFab has recorded an incredible growth outside the United States. The brand is currently in operation in five countries outside the US. According to Mr. Goldenberg, JustFab’s growth can be attributed to best practices of the company in servicing its VIP members.

Adam Goldenberg believes there are many things other businesses can learn from the success of JustFab. The secret of growth according to him is the ability to learn quickly and adapt the business to the market needs. You have to monitor the numbers every day and be able to tell what is working or not working. According to him, full transparency of the actual numbers, good and bad has been key to the whole team in the organization. It is a strategy that keeps everyone in the loop to understand the tactical changes needed to maintain the business on its way to success.

Customer feedback is a huge part of decision making according to Adam Goldenberg. The early mistakes that were rectified came from price points for new products categories such as Sunglasses and jewelry. What the company learned according to Mr. Goldenberg was that there was no way Sunglasses and jewelry could have been priced $39.95 same as shoes and handbags. The brand was forced to formulate a dedicated team to understand the members and use their feedback to make future decisions.

JustFab was launched in 2010 by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg and in just three years, it was a global leader in the subscription e-commerce having subscribed over 35 million stylists. Don and Adam know how to find new trends and develop new businesses with a combination of passion and fun rarely found in many entrepreneurs. See:

Tarallucci e Vino and Private Event Spaces

At Goop, restaurants are commonly requested. When customers request a room, usually it is a restaurant that has private rooms where they can set up a birthday party, anniversary, baby shower, dinner rehearsals, and even weddings. Possibly anything that you can think of when it comes to wanting an event space to celebrate. When choosing a nice spot with a private space, you will likely be satisfied because the food tastes great, the backdrop is very nice and made to justify the celebration, and there is excellent customer service so that you all you have to do is just go there and enjoy.

One of the famous restaurants is The Spotted Pig. This restaurant serves brunch, lunch, dinner, and late dinner. This is also a great spot for the kids to go and enjoy themselves as well. Also if you are looking to have a big group of people along with you, this is a great spot for that as well.

Parties are always happening at The Spotted Pig. The food is great. Some of the best french fries are sold at this particular spot. It is known for being the best place for serving up some of the best french fries in New York City. You may also like that they do serve excellent brunches. Their private rooms are quite cozy and inviting. During the colder months, the private rooms are best used for having intimate parties.

Another famous restaurant is the American Cut. The American Cut restaurant offers dinner and it especially great for a group of people. They take reservations. This restaurant is very well dressed up. It’s style is looks like that of an old-school Mad Men-style steakhouse. At American Cut you will get Oysters. Caesar salad is served. This particular salad is excellent. Other things that are served crab cakes and shrimp cocktails. However, steak is served as well. This is actually considered to be the best place to get steak from and you even have different options to dress your steak up. This restaurant is mood-lit.

Tarallucci e Vino adopted a philosophy that they have been going by since 2001. Their philosophy is that any matter can be resolved over a glass of wine and Tarallucci, which is a southern Italian cookie.

Their pastries are uniquely and beautifully handcrafted every morning. They pasta is very fresh. Their Italian plates offer seasonally inspired plates at night. This is where customers can go to in order to start their day as well as end their day. There will no need to choose any other place than Tarallucci e Vino. This nice restaurant is located in New York City.

Taralluci e Vino has beautiful event spaces that will make for the perfect gathering. One of them is The Mezzanine which is an intimate room that is truly amazing for a small private gathering for 30 guests or for having a cocktail party consisting of about 80 people. The scenery is very warm and sophisticated. When people go there, they can truly feel as though they are at home. It is has a bar, lounge area, custom brick tables, antique cabinets, beautiful mirrors and plenty of artwork. It also includes a wine cellar.

Laidlaw or Scofflaw?

August 10, 2016
Laidlaw or Scofflaw?

I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a restraining order has been ordered against eternal scumbag banking firm Laidlaw & Company and their two principals Matthew Eitner and James Ahern in regards to continuing spew forth misleading information concerning their one-time client Relmada Therapeutics, Inc.

The case against Laidlaw has been going on for some time now. Relamda has accused the firm of revealing private financial information about them that was gleaned when Laidlaw was still doing business with them. This would not surprise me as Laidlaw has had a reputation for engaging in shady business practices for the entire life of the firm.

Even their employees have nothing nice to say about them. Any cursory search on Google or Bing reveals all sorts of unpleasant accusations and information leveled against them. Honestly, I cannot even fathom as to how this firm is still in business. It seems their only purpose of existence is to engage in law-breaking behavior. Not exactly the type of company I would entrust with any of my financial information.

Let’s hope that this new suit turns out to be the final nail in the coffin of the existence of Laidlaw. They certainly deserve no less.


How GTL has Been Using Unethical Business Practices to Gain Competitive Advantage

Inmate communication services provider, Securus Technology recently disclosed that one of its main competitors, Global Tel Link, has been carrying out unethical business practices. Securus’ Chief Executive Officer, Richard A. Smith released a dossier, which highlights GTL’s misdemeanors, which saw it gain undue advantage over other service providers. While releasing the report, Mr. Smith disclosed that it will be backed by more dossiers in coming months.

Mr. Smith expressed his disapproval with the way GTL has been making money at the expense of other players in the industry. Unlike other carriers, it has failed to observe guidelines, which stipulate how firms need to carry out their business. By releasing dossiers on GTL’s misgivings, Mr. Smith hopes that firm will be shamed into adhering to industry guidelines.

How GTL Broke the Law

Global Tel Link allegedly programmed its phones, an act that significantly raised the rate of making calls through its network. This was in total defiance of rate caps put in place by the FCC. According to Securus, this is a wholly unauthorized and inexcusable practice. Clocks on GTL’s telephones were also programmed in a bid to either add 15 or 36 seconds to each phone call’s duration. This is also an unlawful act.

GTL also inflated the cost of telephoning via its network through the addition of different amounts of money. This was done after rating the calls. Securus argues that there cannot be any excuse whatsoever, for such an action. This, among other numerous illegal acts, saw GTL make millions of profit.

About Securus Technologies

The Dallas headquartered inmate telecoms services provider serves over 3,400 facilities throughout North America. Securus mainly serves law enforcement, corrections facilities and public safety agencies. More than 1,200,000 inmates use its products and services. Since its formation, the firm has banked on constant innovation to provide exceptional services to its clients.

Securus provides emergency response, public information, incident management, biometric analysis, and information management services, among others. The firm’s guiding principle is its mantra, “connecting what matters”. Securus is credited with advancing technologies such as At-Home Visitation, which have negated the need for actual visits to incarceration facilities. For more information about its services, click on:

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Tarallucci e Vino Has One Of New York City’s Favorite Event Spaces

Eating at private events in New York City is an experience that some people dream about. There are other cities in the United States that have great restaurants, but they don’t have New York’s vintage appeal. Las Vegas has become the new great restaurant city, and Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas and Chicago all have an active restaurant industry, but for some reason, they don’t carry the same weight as New York restaurants. New York is America’s Paris, Florence, Rome, Milan and Athens rolled into one big package, and that package keeps changing every year.

Restaurants in New York City come and go, but there are certain restaurants that are so deeply etched into New York’s culture they have become landmarks eating institutions. People wait for months to get reservations at many of the restaurants in the Big Apple. Daniel is one of those restaurants. Daniel has been on the top of the best restaurant list in New York for years.

Daniel is one of those one-of-a-kind restaurants that offers a changing menu, but the service is always perfect. The Bellecour room upstairs at Daniel is one of the best places to host a special event. The restaurant is always busy even though gentlemen are still required to wear jackets in the dining room. Bring lots of money if a dinner at Daniel is on the agenda. The Prix-fix menu starts at $295 per person, and that doesn’t include wine or cocktails.

One of new York’s favorite event spaces is Tarallucci e Vino. Tarallucci e Vino has four locations, and all of them are unique. Tarallucci e Vino is considered an Italian-style wine bar, but it is also considered one of the top eateries for special occasions. The Union Square location gets a lot of special event traffic, but the East Village and Upper West Side locations are always booked for wedding receptions, birthdays, and anniversary parties. But Tarallucci e Vino is also one of those restaurants in the City that takes guests to Italy. The ambiance in all four locations is as close to eating in Milan as some people will ever get in their lifetime.

Even though there are Four Seasons Restaurants in cities all over the world, the New York City location is by far the most talked about location. The Four Seasons Restaurant is an icon in New York. It is the restaurant that other restaurants try to imitate, but they always fail. The Four Seasons is full of old New York charm, elegance and a touch of restaurant nobility that circulates from table to table. Eating at the Four Seasons in New York is an unforgettable experience.

But when all things are considered, Tarallucci e Vino satisfies the urge for great Italian food and wine. All four Tarallucci e Vino restaurants give guests a chance to feel and taste Italian cuisine at reasonable prices. The menu is a slice of several cities in Italy, and the Italian wine selection is one of the best in New York.


Stephen Murray Had An Exceptionally Long Career In Fianance

Stephen Murray worked in the financial sector for an exceptionally long period of time. In addition, his entire career in the financial sector was spent with what was essentially the same company. At first, this company was Manufacturers Hanover Corporation.

However, this company changed hands, and Stephen Murray was a large part of the company’s success throughout different parts of the company’s history. In the later years, Stephen Murray was a major part of the company’s transition into it’s current status. In fact, he helped to create one of the world’s most successful financial companies, CCMP Capital. This company currently works to manage large amounts of assets for a large number of different companies.

Stephen Murray began his career many years ago, after he graduated from college. His college degree helped him to be successful in the business world. When he entered the business world, he began working as an intern for Manufacturers Hanover Corporation.

As an intern, he was quite successful, and he kept working with the company for a long period of time. In fact, he continued to work with the same company after they transitioned into a different name. As time passed, he continued to do a very good job in his position, and he was promoted to a higher role within the company.

By the time the company was on the verge of forming into CCMP Capital, Stephen Murray was one of the individuals that helped in the creation of this company. When CCMP Capital was created, Stephen Murray was one of the people that held a major role in running this new company.

In this role, he played a major role in the success of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. Also, since CCMP Capital helped to manage a very large number of different companies, his success in this role contributed to the success of a very large number of different companies. These companies were in a wide range of different sectors, and CCMP Capital has played a major role in the management of dozens of different companies. During the time that he worked to manage CCMP Capital, Stephen Murray did a great deal to help the company succeed.

However, Stephen Murray died very young and of very sudden causes. However, immediately prior to his death, he was one of the major players in the success of CCMP Capital. In fact, he was still working with the company merely a month prior to the time that he died.

Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

Squaw Valley’s CEO Andy Wirth Thinks His Resort Is Equipped To Ride Out The Drought

The California drought was especially unkind to Southern California. Residents of Los Angeles, San Diego and the counties in between those cities had to change their lifestyle in order to comply with mandatory water rationing program that Governor Jerry Brown put in place.

Northern California was also hit hard by the drought. The fruit and vegetable farmers lost millions of dollars in 2015 because their crops didn’t have enough water. Consumers around the country felt the impact of the drought at the grocery store. Everyone paid high prices for the fruit and vegetables that were harvested in 2015.

But the one industry that should have been devastated by the drought, the ski industry, wasn’t, or least ski resort managers are keeping tight-lipped about their actual losses in 2015. It is a fact that many ski resorts closed early in 2015.

There wasn’t enough snow on the popular slopes, and the ski resorts weren’t equipped to make enough fake snow to compensate for the shortfall. But not all ski resorts were hampered by the four-year drought. The CEO of Squaw Valley, Andy Wirth, was interviewed on the KCRW radio show, Press Play with Madeline Brand.

Wirth told Brand that Squaw Valley in uniquely positioned in the ski resort industry thanks to 70 years of frugal management by the Cushing family. Nancy Cushing turned the CEO position over to Wirth in 2010 right before the resort started their $70 million renovation plan.

With told Brand that Squaw Valley’s 2015 ski season wasn’t great, but revenues were only off by 20 percent from the year before. But 2014 wasn’t that great either so the truth is, as Wirth pointed out, that ski resorts have suffered because of the drought, but most of them will survive. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Brand continued to ask Wirth questions about ski resort survival during the drought years, and it was obvious that Wirth was well prepared when it came to answering those questions. Squaw Valley is one of the best ski resorts in the world, and Wirth is considered one of the top CEOs in the business.

Andy Wirth knows a lot about the ski resort business. He spent 20 years at the Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation, and he held several high-level positions with that company before accepting the CEO position with Squaw Valley.

Wirth is a respected graduate from Colorado State University and a major contributor to the Lake Tahoe Community. Squaw Valley and the other ski resorts made a roaring comeback in 2016. Snowfall was constant and plentiful so maybe the worst years of the drought are over, but not everyone is convinced of that. The weather people are not sure what will happen when the 2017 season rolls around.

Click the link to read more:

How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?


July 19, 2016

George Soros is at it again. The multi-billionaire, philanthropist and political activist recently made a series of bearish investments that saw him through Soros Fund Management LLC, sell some of his stocks and even swap others. George Soros also went on and acquired gold and shares of gold miners. Soros Fund Management LLC is the firm that manages 30 billion dollars for Soros and his family.

The move was significantly influenced by the worrying outlook of the global economy and the queer trend of shifting of large markets. Although, trades like these are done every day on Wall Street, this one raised a few eyebrows. One of the reasons for this, is that George Soros who had retired from active trading in the eighties and who maintained a 30% return on investments during his days had made a comeback to stock trading. George Soros gained international notoriety in the 90s when he risked ten billion dollars on a single currency speculation and shorted the British pound. This risk bore fruit and he made profits to the tune of two billion dollars. This transaction earned him the title ‘the man who broke the Bank of England.

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The Greatest Investors: George Soros

Cramer: Investing like George Soros will never make you rich

In the recent years, the 85-year-old billionaire has been occupied by matters that revolve around public policy and also philanthropy. He is also a huge supporter of the presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton and he has shown this by the money he contributes to super PAC. The bus does not stop here though, he has also shown his support to other democrats and has contributed to their respective campaigns. Even though Soros left active trading, he has occasionally stepped in and interrupted the funds operations especially when the firm suffered losses; This is according to senior executives within the institution. Normally, his interruptions would mean that some of the staffers responsible for the poor performance would be let go.

However, in the last five years, Soros had not done much investing on his own. The situation changed earlier this year when Soros started spending a lot more time in the office. This could be partly because his top investor left the fund to go open his own venture. Despite his old age, Soros seems to be determined to take advantage of the loop hole that he has seen and no one else seems to be noticing. Could this be another big one by the legendary George Soros? George Soros has proven so many times before that he is an exemplary trader so let’s just wait and see.

Learn more about George Soros:

How Will Wen By Chaz Change Bad Hair?

There are a lot of people who are going to be able to use the WEN hair by Chaz shampoo because of the way that is put together. It is supposed to make hair healthier, and that is what stops the shedding. The people that were looking for a way to stop the shedding in their hair need to keep trying this shampoo, and they will start to see marked results. It worked in a test on Bustle, and that is why it is worth a look this time around.

Also read it here:

Everyone who wants to have healthier hair should wash their hair just the way it was in the article, and they need to make sure that they are willing to wash it more often because now this shampoo is more functional. Everyone who wants to make more of their hair should start washing with the sephora healthy hair line from Wen by Chaz today, and they will notice that they can actually use it more than they would use anything else. They will be able to save money, and they will be able to get help with their hair that will stop that clump that is in the bottom of the shower when the shower is over.

That is very important for the girl in the review, and she even styled her hair to show that it worked much better than any other shampoo she has used. She used less of the Wen hair product, but she got a much better result because of how she has washed her hair. Her hair is shining, and she finally has something that will make her life easier. Anyone with thin hair who is tired of the shedding needs to remember that they will have a much better chance to get a full head of hair that is no longer shedding everywhere. Wen hair is available online, via


George Soros’ Ideas On How To Save Ukraine And Europe

George Soros is a Hungarian-American investor, author, business magnate, and philanthropist. He has citizenship of both U.S. and Hungary. George was born on August 12, 1930. Apart from owning numerous businesses across the globe, George Soros Ukraine is the Chairman of Soros Fund Management and helped found the Open Society Foundation. After years of successful business deals, he has been able to rise to the top 30 wealthiest persons around the globe.

The wealthy businessman has written several articles on the current crisis in Ukraine. One of these articles, ‘Ukraine & Europe: What Should be Done?’ stands out. In the article, Soros looks at the various things that Europe could do to save the already failing systems in Ukraine.

He argues that although the European Union has become the master of muddling in crises in member states, the crises have been caused by the numerous structural defects of the Union. Soros compares this to kicking a can uphill. Every time the can is kicked, it keeps coming back. For example, when the Union solves a financial problem in Greece, it creates more problems both in the union and in Greece as a country. Currently, the union faces at least five crises: Greece, the euro, British referendum, migration, and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. What is bad is that the crises are reinforcing each other, thus making them harder and more complicated to tackle.

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The Greatest Investors: George Soros

A New Policy to Rescue Ukraine

Soros suggests that the crises should be solved in their order of priority. To this end, Soros believes that the Ukraine crisis should be given priority. However, he does not mean that the other four crises should be neglected. George Soros views the new Ukraine as a country determined to grow and establish itself as the opposite of the old Ukraine. Like the old Greece, the old Ukraine was hard to reform due to an oligarch-dominated economy and the greed of the political class that led to misuse of positions. In contrast, the new Ukraine, which was inspired by the 2014 revolution, has the sole objective of reforming the country.

In the pro-European protests, a new Ukraine was born after President Viktor F. Yanukovych was driven from power. Even when under the Russian military assault, the spirit for change among Ukrainians is ever stronger. Levy and Soros posits that Maidan supporters have moved from opposition and are now fully immersed in nation building. Most individuals have left their well-paying jobs to volunteer in parliament and government. The new finance minister, Natalie Jaresko, was a former investment banker. It is proper to note that many people do not know the secrets of the new Ukraine. Radical reforms have been put in place. The only remaining part is implementation of the same.

The Russian President continues to step up financial and military pressure on Ukraine. Even though the country is defending itself militarily, it necessitates financial assistance. There is the need for western powers to make political commitments towards availing additional funds, enhancing Ukraine’s reforms and suppressing Russian assaults. The reformers are working on ensuring that they avoid leakages that were common in the old Ukraine. They have also told the populace to hold them accountable for all the expenditures.

Learn more about George Soros:–and-germany-in-particular–to-take-the-lead?barrier=true

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