One thing that could be said about Helane Morrison is that she is not someone who is going to play around when it comes to justice. She is very passionate about going after the issue at hand. As a compliance officer, she works to make sure that all of the businesses are being ethical in their treatment of their clients. She can be counted on to get to the bottom of everything. Nothing can be said to stop her from fixing the problem. Therefore, the best thing that a business could do is to be honest with her and make her job easier.


Helane Morrison is someone that is strong minded. She does her best to work without any biases. She is willing to hear all sides of the story before coming to a conclusion. She is someone that is very effective at her work. One thing that should be made clear is that she is not making up rules for people to follow. She is reminding them of their own rules so that they could follow them better. While it is not a good thing to have to deal with enforcement, it is important to know that given the nature of the business, there are some that need the rules of ethics enforced.


Helane Morrison is not going to allow people to get away with oppression. This is something that she does not like to see. Therefore, when she sees a business doing a lot of unethical things, she is going to make sure that it is addressed. One thing that she wants to achieve is equality. The company that she works for, Hall Capital, is known for its diversity and ethical behavior towards its clients. Helane wants to make sure that other clients and other businesses are up to these standards.


Brown Modelling Agency shines in the Austin during Full tilt fashion event

New talent agency upstart, the Brown agency celebrated its launch of a new theatrical division with an Austin night time spectacular that was truly the talk of the town. The event represented a one, two kick with representatives of Formula one on hand to share in the excitement. Brown’s Theatrical division, model team and management staff were on hand to rub shoulders with Austin’s elite, the make-a-wish foundation and much more to view a company sponsored full tilt fashion show were city fashion designers wowed the crowd with one-of-kind pieces highlighting the agency’s southwestern focus. The event kicked off with champagne kisses and delightful treats, the crowd was then treated to a New York fashion quality fashion event that left the crowd longing for more.

The Brown agency is the brainchild of Justin Brown, former Wilhelmina alumni who merged the firm with former rival firm, Heyman Talent South to create an Austin commercial talent division and modelling group that is second to none. The Agency opened in 2010 joining Brown agency family divisions across the country and prides itself on being able to spot potential rising stars. The agency has been setting platinum standards across Austin with its acquisition of high-level clients such as Dell, Toyota and Loreal who look to Brown for some of the best theatrical and fashion talent that Austin can offer.
At Brown, the agency is committed to providing the fashion world with New York and London calibre models who have been blessed to grace the runway during Austin Fashion week, Dallas Fashion week plus the New York fashion week as well as several other shows.

The agency is continuing to strive to move Brown agency – Austin onto the national stage as one the Nation’s best talent plus modelling firms. Brown conducts open calls every Thursday between 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. and is looking for talent across a wide variety of talent spectrums such as High Fashion, commercial print, commercial television, plus size and film. If you believe you have what it takes to work with Brown, submit a photo online at or come to an open call to see if your talent dream can take flight.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa: What to do in Panama

According to a recent online article, Panama City, Panama is a wonderful place to visit. There are many glass skyscrapers that are similar to the ones in Dubai on There is a lot of business in the city, says the article. It is an ideal place for those who searching for sunshine and warmth. Panama City is family-friendly with a lot of outdoor activities. The nightlife is spectacular, too.

When tourists fly into Tocumen International Airport, they can find taxis that will take them anywhere they want. Some people prefer to use Uber services and pay with credit cards, says the article. One of the first sites that the article recommends in Camino de Cruces. It is a 500-year-old trail. People like Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa are fascinated with the species of birds and other wildlife they see.

Another highlight of visiting Panama City on Tumblr is the Panama Canal. Tourists can watch massive container ships flowing between the Atlantic and the Pacific. It is an optimal place for photography, says the article. It only takes 20 minutes to get to the canal from the center of the city. The article recommends setting aside an hour or two to visit the canal.

Those who enjoy museums will not want to miss the DiabloRosso. It has contemporary art by artists such as Donna Conlon and Johnathan Harker, says the article. Tourists can go shopping in a boutique that features designer dresses by Frau Lamb. The gift shop also has original handmade ceramic pieces for souvenirs, says the article.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a Venezuelan professional executive. He works as president, director, and treasurer of five various companies in Panama. He was first appointed back in 2011. This has been his longest appointment ever, being nearly five years long.

Figueroa is a prominent figure in the business community of Panama. Figueroa mentors young leaders, helps to improve the Panama economy, and helps small businesses to grow. Not only does Figueroa do business in the community, but he also believes in giving back to it. He is involved in a lot of charitable work in the city. He also is big on promoting tourism.

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A Breach of Contract by New Hampshire Insurance Company gets them a Lawsuit from AHBE

The New Hampshire Insurance Company is facing a lawsuit for breach of contract filed by The Atlanta Hawks Basketball Entertainment LLC (AHBE) previous ownership that included Bruce Levenson. The lawsuit involves a claim settlement made by Danny Perry who was the former general manager of the group. According to the spokesperson of the current ownership of the franchise, the Tony Ressler led group is knowledgeable about the lawsuit but did not participate in filing the suit. The spokesperson also says that the people involved in the lawsuit are currently not associated with the current ownership.

The lawsuit is in light of AIG’s reluctance to acknowledge receipt of any notification of a claim from AHBE and its hesitation to accept coverage of the same. This is, according to AHBE, despite AIG having an obligation to settle the claim and them being notified. According to Forbes, the former ownership of the NBA franchise feel that AIG has a duty to pay since it took up an insurance policy with the insurance company to ensure that it is indemnified upon incurring losses in the event of the occurrence of certain employment related practices. The right to be compensated includes but is not limited to, the occurrence of workplace torts and wrongful termination. Making their case more justifiable are court documents that show that AHBE had given notice to AIG for the said claims. AHBE is of the opinion that the policy covers the claim and AIG has no reason to fail to cover the losses hence the lawsuit. The amount of the claim in the lawsuit is not open to the public. However, it is public knowledge that included in the lawsuit is a claim for attorney fees and costs and a fifty percent penalty on the unpaid loss.
Mr. Bruce Levenson is an American Businessperson who was born to a Jewish family in 1949. He is a family man blessed with three sons. He was the former co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks and co-founded United Communications Group. Mr. Bruce has a degree from the American University in Law.

Dr. Clay Joins Mirna Therapeutics

Mirna Therapeutics made changes in its board of directors just recently. The biotechnology institution announced that Clay Siegall will now be one of the members of the board. Dr. Clay Siegall is the CEO of one of the most popular biotechnology company known as Seattle Genetics. In Mirna Therapeutics, Clay Siegall will serve as the outside director.

Mirna Therapeutics is a biotechnology firm that is headquartered in Texas. The pharmaceutical firm was started back in 2007, and it has been helpful to patients living with cancer. The company mostly focuses on the microRNA therapeutics. The institution has worked very hard to come up with better medications to cure cancer.

The Chief Executive Officer of Mirna Therapeutics, Dr. Paul Lammers has been very instrumental in the success the company has experienced. In a recent interview, Paul said that he was happy that Dr. Clay Siegall was joining his company. He said that he was confident that Siegall would help the company achieve its goals in advancing the microRNA therapeutics.

Dr. Clay Siegall has been in the pharmaceutical industry for a while. He has made some significant contributions in the biotechnology industry, especially in cancer treatment. In the year 2008, Dr. Clay Siegall decided to start a pharmaceutical company to help cure cancer. The company, Seattle Genetics has done quite well under his leadership.

Today, Dr. Clay Siegall serves as the CEO and president of the institution. He is also the chairman of the board of directors. His contributions have enabled the company to develop antibody therapies that help cancer patients. He has also published several books in the recent past. Dr. Clay has also helped the company to raise its capital and increase its revenue. The first product from the company has done very well in the market, and it has changed the lives of many cancer patients.

Not long ago, Seattle Genetics announced that it was planning to increase more drugs in the market. The drugs are expected to cure different types of cancers affecting people in the modern times. The company is also planning to increase the number of employees in the recent future.

Sanjay Shah Makes Autism Rock

September 14, 2016
Sanjay Shah Makes Autism Rock

On April 1st of this year, British millionaire Sanjay Shah held the Autism Rocks Festival, meant to coincide with Autism Awareness Month. The purpose of this festival was to promote and celebrate the developmental disorder called Autism with fun games, activities, and live music performances. Guest performances included popular American rappers Tyga and Flo Rida.

Some reading this article may be wondering: “Who is Sanjay Shah Denmark?” Fair question, but all you need is to do a little research to see that Sanjay is in fact a very accomplished businessman, a generous philanthropist, a loving father and husband, and an all-around decent guy. Having studied extensively in medicine before deciding he didn’t wish to be a doctor, Sanjay instead looked to making a name for himself as an accountant for several banks (Morgan Stanley, anyone?).

This was before 2009, during a big financial crisis that put his job in jeopardy. Fortunately, Sanjay had the skills and drive to open his own firm known as Solo Capital, of which he is still CEO to this day. Sanjay founded Autism Rocks back as a way to spread social awareness, with his own son being diagnosed in 2011 serving as the catalyst. As he was racking his brain over how to promote awareness, a conversation with hip-hop icon Snoop Dog was when a light went off in his head: Why not start musical festivals? So was born the Autism Rocks festival.

Since the first festival in 2014, headlined by the late musician Prince, the festivals have managed to raise over £600,000 in the name of autism awareness.

On top of the musical acts, there was a lot of fun and variety to be had at this year’s Autism Rocks Festival. There included games and activities such as laser tag, zip-lining, horse rides, barbecues, and much more. This year, Sanjay and his wife even threw in a petting zoo.

As much good as Sanjay has done to bring about some needed discussion about the disorder, he knows that his work isn’t over. As long as there’s autism, there’s always going to be an Autism Rocks.


September 9, 2016

Luckily, say no to dry lips. Thanks to Lip Balm. In every woman’s purse, you will never miss a lip balm. Lip balm is the trending way of ensuring that your lips are not dry. There are various lip balms available in the market. This article outlines the best affordable lip balms in the market to sooth your dry lips.


To top up the list is the Evolution of Smooth, also known as EOS lip balms. Evolution of Smooth lip balm is rich in vitamin E, blended with jojoba oil, delightful shea butter and pleasantly flavored natural lip balms. The Evolution of Smooth lip balm is ideal to the lips due to; they are natural, petrolatum free, and dermatologist tested to sooth every dry lip.

The Evolution of Smooth lip balms comes in different varieties to choose. The product line-up consists of;

  1. a) Organic smooth spheres with; passion fruit, or strawberry sorbet (, or blueberry acai or pomegranate raspberry
  2. b) Visibility soft-smooth spheres; Vanilla mint or coconut milk or blackberry nectar.
  3. c) Shimmer smooth areas with sheer pink or pearl
  4. d) Active Protection smooth spheres with lemon twist with SPF or Fresh grapefruit
  5. e) Organic-smooth sticks with pomegranate raspberry, or vanilla bean or sweet mint
  6. f) Multipacks

Evolution of smooth lip balms products are considered to be the best brand used by America idols such as Christina Aguilera, Hillary DUFF, Demi Lovato and Bar Rafaeli. Its growth in the market since its introduction made it climb the ladder to the best-selling lip balm in the country. Evolution of Smooth lip balms is now competing with long serving and famous brands such as Burt’s Bees, Blistex and Chapstick. From as little as $ 4.32 to as high as $ 7.21 get your Evolution of Smooth lip balms now! Available online on both Ulta and’s online store.

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Beessential orange ginger lip balm does not only nourish and smooth dry lips, but it also produces an awful scent. Unlike other lip balms, Beessential orange ginger lip balm is not waxy or thick it is extraordinarily moisturizing. It goes for only $ 2.99.


Hitting the Best Ski Resorts in Lake Tahoe

If you are a skier or a snowboarder and have never hit the snow in Lake Tahoe, you are missing out. Lake Tahoe is without question one of the best places in the country to ski and is an area that everyone who should check out. One of the best, as well as most famous, ski resorts in the area is Squaw Valley. Squaw Valley is a massive mountain that features beginner runs, all the way up to some of the most treacherous double black diamonds that can be found. The ski resort features a handful of high speed gondolas, as well as a variety of ski lifts located all over the mountain. Squaw Valley on is considered such a high class ski resort and amazing mountain to ski, that it was featured as the location for the 1960 Winter Olympics. The mountain also features several lodges and is without a doubt one of the biggest attractions when it comes to skiing in the Lake Tahoe area.

Another great ski resort to check out if your heading to the slopes in Lake Tahoe is Alpine Ski Resort. Locating just on the other side of mountain and hanging just about the lake, Alpine has the same quality of snow as Squaw, but generally gets a bit less traffic, without dropping any quality in terms of runs. The bulk of people that head to the area to ski or snowboard are going to be going to major ski resorts, which all have outstanding reputations, such as Northstar, Heavenly and Squaw, but Alpine is one of those gems that a lot of people prefer. The backside bowl of Alpine is fantastic and can usually be ridden over and over, without many people around. There are also great views of the iconic Lake Tahoe in the background of runs at Alpine, making it one of the most picturesque resorts in Lake Tahoe.

If you plan to be heading to the area regularly through the winter, one of the best options is getting a season pass package deal. Squaw and Alpine offer a package plan that will allow you to ski at both resorts throughout the entire season. Getting one of these passes can be a great thing when large volumes of tourists roll into town on the weekends. When heading to Tahoe, there are few things that are more exciting than checking out each and every ski resort in the area, as there really are some amazing place, but if you want the most bang for your buck, you should really consider getting a package deal pass.

The Best Private Party Spots for New Yorkers

The city of New York is filled with a lot of different things. There are a ton of different Broadway shows that people can go and see. There are also a mirage of cool night clubs for people that like to hang out. For someone that loves fine cuisine there are also an assortment of party spots to consider as well. The private party restaurants are among my favorites. I have found that there are some rooms that really stand out as the best among the countless number of restaurants I have discovered.

The first time that I came to New York I was taken out on a date to Babbo. That may be the reason that it ranks as one of my favorite spots. It’s a cool Italian spot on the West Village. I had a great time there. I remembered talking to almost 11 at night when the place closed, and I was sure that I would return again. This is a fancy spot, but it is still a fun place to visit. I never felt like it was too upscale, but it was certainly a step above what I had been used to. I believe that Babbo may be a great spot for private luncheon parties. I think that the food is good, and the private room is spacious.

Once I got settled in to New York and I started working I would also discover a spot called Daniel. This was something that my co-workers introduced me to. I was excited about this spot because I was mostly into Italian and American dishes for NYC restaurants. Daniel was a location that had French cuisine. I had never tried it before, but I was eager to see what this was about. I actually came here for a birthday lunch for a co-worker, and it was a great private party. The party was held in the Bellecour Room and this gave the guests a view of 65th street. As someone that was new to New York, I thought that this was such a great view to see while we ate lunch together.

I think that New York City has some of the best Italian restaurants, and Tarallucci e Vino is another one that has a permanent place in my memory. I think that the sweet treats that they have there are undeniably delicious. I have never been a fan of getting up early, but I do leave home early enough to stop by Tarallucci e Vino every Friday to pick up breakfast. I had a friend that told me about the menu, and I was so thrilled to see some of my favorites among the breakfast treats. I have also attended a lecture at the lecture room for Tarallucci e Vino, and I will say that it was quite a spacious private room. It may be another great spot for people that need room for things like conferences or parties. The catering here is divine so guests will be pleased.

Totally awesome lip balm

August 15, 2016
Totally awesome lip balm

Looking for a totally awesome lip balm? Now your search is over. Evolution of Smooth lip balm is jam packed with vitamin E, Shea butter, and jojoba oil to soften and moisturize your lips. And if that doesn’t make you want to jump out of your sit to go get some maybe knowing that its 95% organic and only cost $3.48 will get you hopping.
EOS lip balm come in many different flavors. The flavors range from sweet mint to lemon drop. Whatever flavor you want, either fruity or minty, you can find it with Evolution of Smooth lip balm. If you can’t make up your mind of what flavor you want then you can get EOS lip balm assorted flavors for only $11.39. You can also get shimmer, smooth, or stick version of their lip balm. They make lip balm for all taste or style for a variety of people. Purchase it from Walmart. Or get it delivered to you, place your order on Amazon today.

This lip balm is totally awesome. It’s a great brand that can moisten and smooth out your lips. With this hypoallergenic lip balm, you can pick whatever flavor, size, or style you want. With their variety of lip balm they can satisfy customers wants and needs in their lip balm. So if you want to start using lip balm, EOS is the place to start. Visit their website:


Adam Goldenberg Explains the Reasons behind JustFab’s Incredible Growth

The co-founder and co-CEO of JustFab, Adam Goldenberg believe that 2016 is going to be a big year for the company. For a man who has experienced several good years in his career, he is well aware of what a good year entails. Mr. Adam Goldenberg sold his two-year-old gaming network Gamer’s Alliance to Intermix Media in 1999. By 2006, he was the founder of Internet brand incubator Intelligent Beauty which was the platform that led to the start of JustFab.

JustFab is a brand that has already gained much attraction which shows that the prediction of Mr. Goldenberg was right. In 2013 alone, JustFab was able to raise a capital of $55 million on VB Profiles. The funding enabled the brand to acquire shoe discovery service ShoeDazzle. Besides acquiring ShoeDazzle, JustFab has recorded an incredible growth outside the United States. The brand is currently in operation in five countries outside the US. According to Mr. Goldenberg, JustFab’s growth can be attributed to best practices of the company in servicing its VIP members.

Adam Goldenberg believes there are many things other businesses can learn from the success of JustFab. The secret of growth according to him is the ability to learn quickly and adapt the business to the market needs. You have to monitor the numbers every day and be able to tell what is working or not working. According to him, full transparency of the actual numbers, good and bad has been key to the whole team in the organization. It is a strategy that keeps everyone in the loop to understand the tactical changes needed to maintain the business on its way to success.

Customer feedback is a huge part of decision making according to Adam Goldenberg. The early mistakes that were rectified came from price points for new products categories such as Sunglasses and jewelry. What the company learned according to Mr. Goldenberg was that there was no way Sunglasses and jewelry could have been priced $39.95 same as shoes and handbags. The brand was forced to formulate a dedicated team to understand the members and use their feedback to make future decisions.

JustFab was launched in 2010 by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg and in just three years, it was a global leader in the subscription e-commerce having subscribed over 35 million stylists. Don and Adam know how to find new trends and develop new businesses with a combination of passion and fun rarely found in many entrepreneurs. See:

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